The BMW Group has delivered its one-millionth electrified vehicle to its new owner.
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A million times of sheer driving pleasure – electrified.

The BMW Group has delivered its one-millionth electrified vehicle to its new owner. Management Board Member Pieter Nota also announced the company’s e-offensive and ambitious sales targets for 2022.

On 6 December 2021, the BMW Group celebrated its first electric millionaire: the customer, a Munich resident, received the keys to his new BMW iX xDrive40 at BMW Welt. It is the one-millionth electrified vehicle the BMW Group has delivered to a customer. Pieter Nota, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Customer, Brands, Sales, personally handed over the milestone vehicle to its new owner. To mark this auspicious occasion, a special extra gift was also presented: a BMW Wallbox for convenient and safe charging at home, and a BMW Charging Card, with which the customer can charge his BMW iX free for a year at public charging points in Europe.

Ten million fully-electric vehicles in ten years.

“The delivery of our one-millionth electrified vehicle marks a milestone in our transformation,” said Management Board Member Pieter Nota to media representatives in Munich on the evening of Monday 6 December. Pieter Nota also set out the company’s ambitious targets for the coming years.

  • There are plans to double sales of electrified vehicles in 2022 compared to this year.
  • By 2023, the BMW Group will have put two million electrified vehicles onto the roads – and two million fully-electric vehicles by 2025.
  • Fully-electric vehicles will account for at least half of the sales of the BMW Group by 2030.
  • Over the next decade, the BMW Group will deliver ten million fully-electric vehicles to customers.

Twenty-two electrified BMW Group models available worldwide.

The BMW Group has brought two innovative flagship models to market in recent months: the BMW iX and the BMW i4. Both are proving very popular with customers around the world. The BMW Group currently offers a total of 22 electrified vehicles, of which 5 are fully-electric models and 17 are plug-in hybrids. In the coming year, the company will launch the all-electric BMW 7 Series and BMW X1. The top-selling BMW 5 Series will be added to the electric portfolio in 2023. This will be joined by the MINI Countryman successor and the exclusively all-electric Rolls-Royce Spectre. The MINI brand will go all-electric from 2030 onwards. Rolls-Royce will likewise become a fully-electric brand by 2030. All new BMW Motorrad models in the urban mobility range will also be fully electric by then.

BMW Group is committed to extensive expansion of charging infrastructure.

The success of electromobility depends on widespread rapid expansion of the charging infrastructure. The BMW Group is making a significant contribution towards this: “Electromobility needs holistic thinking and implementation. That is why we don’t just offer our customers highly attractive electrified cars; we also make sure charging is easy and convenient,” said Dr Andreas Aumann, Head of Strategic Product Management at the BMW Group.

The commitment of the BMW Group therefore extends along the entire value chain: from attractive products and services through to strategic investment and ultimately to developing its own workplace charging infrastructure.

The BMW Group holds a stake in three companies who are all playing a key role in ramping up electromobility. They are:

  • IONITY, the pan-European ultra-fast charging network which the BMW Group founded in 2017 as a joint venture with car makers Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen with Audi and Porsche. In November 2021, asset manager BlackRock announced it would be joining the group. The partners are jointly investing EUR 700 million in expanding the IONITY fast-charging network in Europe to 7,000 charging points by 2025.
  • Hubject, an international roaming platform that connects charging point operators with providers of charging solutions for end customers. The platform allows customers to use one card to access charging stations operated by various networks in different countries and receive one bill for their usage.
  • Digital Charging Solutions GmbH (CHARGE NOW), which brings together charging points of many different operators and makes them available to B2B customers as a white-label solution. The BMW Group uses DCS services to offer customers BMW Charging and MINI Charging at attractive tariffs in Europe and Japan.

With BMW Charging and MINI Charging, the BMW Group provides its customers with access to one of the largest public charging networks in Europe, comprising more than 250,000 charging points. The Active tariff makes charging even easier and more convenient: there is an attractive fixed price for AC and DC charging in each market. This ensures complete transparency and cost control. With its Wallboxes, the BMW Group also offers various charging solutions for the home and for fleet customers.

The BMW Group has also made great progress in establishing its workplace charging infrastructure in 2021: here at the end of the year, 5,000 charging points with 100 percent green energy are available to employees at German locations. More than 1,000 of these are eRoaming charging points, which means they can also be used by members of the public. The BMW Group thus operates one of the largest workplace charging networks in Germany. The company will continue to press ahead with international expansion in the upcoming year: more than 1,100 additional charging points will be added to the network in Europe.



BMW iX xDrive40: Power consumption in kWh/100 km: 22.5-19.3 WLTP.

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