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Connected Car

Digital experience.

The BMW Group looks back on a long history of digital innovations and promotes vehicle connectivity with the Connected Car. At BMW, the driver experience is always digital. Every function in our vehicles today has a digital component that significantly shapes the experience of our customers.

The art of car construction is now synonymous with the ability to orchestrate a perfect interaction of hardware and software. We are a pioneer and innovator here.

By anchoring the development of our software at BMW deeply in the complex vehicle processes, we are creating a unique integration of digital products and services and thus convincing digital experiences. From the welcome staging to upgrades and design elements to the seamless integration of the vehicle as an intelligent device in the customers’ everyday digital life.  

Newly communicated.

BMW iDrive stands today for a multi-sensory vehicle experience. It involves an intuitive interaction between the human and vehicle via voice, touch operation or gesture; an emotional driving experience as well as a wide range of information, entertainment and digital functions.

What started 20 years with the introduction of a controller with turn and press function is propelling the new generation BMW iDrive into the digital future, where numerous areas of life are becoming smarter and merging with each other.

All functions controlled via BMW iDrive can be precisely adapted to the needs and wishes of the driver as required by the situation.

The BMW Operating System 8 offers an operating system with the latest generation of displays, controls and software as well as particularly high performance connectivity and data processing. The vehicle is part of our customers’ digital eco system and represents a unique driving experience – The Ultimate Driving Machine. 

Focus on the driver.

Great Entrance
BMW iX MyMode
BMW ID Welcome

Digital – remote – integrated.

Fresh new feature for more than two and a half million vehicles.

Updates in real time and new functions: more than two and a half million vehicles (as at the beginning of 2022) can get their new software packages via the Remote Software Upgrade feature offered by the BMW Group – easily, efficiently and safely while on the move. The wireless updates promote digital connectivity and ensure more performance, driving pleasure and customer benefits. With Remote Software Upgrade, we are now able to update every line of code in the vehicle software. The drivers can transfer the new software package into the vehicle either via the My BMW App on the smartphone, or the package is downloaded directly into the car while on the move.

KeyVisual Digital Car
My BMW App

The digital experience to go.

The My BMW App and the MINI App are the universal interface for seamless communication between the driver and the vehicle. Customers thus also hold a direct connection to the BMW dealer and to the brand in their hand. The app can be used, for example, to plan travel routes and transfer them to the vehicle’s navigation system, arrange service appointments, request information on the vehicle status or find out the latest news on the BMW brand. In addition, remote services such as locking and unlocking the doors are also available, depending on the vehicle equipment. The central BMW ID brings all personal preferences for vehicle settings directly from the smartphone to vehicles equipped with Operating System 7 or newer.


BMW Turbo Designstudie

The BMW Group laid the foundation for connected mobility with the radar-based distance warning device in the legendary BMW Turbo concept.


BMW was the first automobile manufacturer in Europe to offer an integrated navigation system.

BMW Assist Paket

The BMW Group introduces the BMW Assist Package under the umbrella term “BMW Telematics”. The package includes the services Concierge Service, up-to-date traffic information and intelligent emergency call. With this solution, the BMW Group laid the foundation stone for ConnectedDrive and connected mobility offerings more than two decades ago.


Paradigm shift in vehicle operation with the introduction of BMW iDrive: with the BMW 7 Series, BMW for the first time presents an operating system that radically reduced the number of switches on the instrument panel. A single push and turn controller on the centre console, the iDrive controller, was enough to control a multitude of vehicle functions with just one central control unit. The controller was complemented by the Control Display, a colour screen in the instrumental panel.

Connected Drive BMW vor Parabolantennen der Erdfunkstelle Raisting

With the SIM card permanently installed in the vehicle, BMW drivers were able to access news, weather or office functions.

Cockpit des BMW 7er

The BMW Group was the first vehicle manufacturer to bring another innovative digital service to the vehicle by enabling free internet access in the new BMW 7 Series.

BMW ConnectedDrive Store im Fahrzeug

The BMW Group was the first premium car manufacturer in the world to make it possible to book and pay for online services easily via the BMW ConnectedDrive Store in the vehicle. The latest solutions, such as the overall digital concept around BMW Connected, also demonstrate the ongoing development of connectivity.

BMW i Remote App

With BMW Connected Drive and the introduction of the BMW i Remote App, BMW underlines its claim of being the leading car brand in mobile vehicle connectivity. Functions in the BMW i models can be checked and controlled remotely with the help of the app – from the status of the battery to the pre-conditioning of the air conditioning. The BMW i Remote App also continues the navigation away from the BMW i3 via the Apple Watch from the parked vehicle all the way to the final destination. The BMW i Remote App is later consistently enhanced in the form of the My BMW App and the MINI App.


The BMW Group introduces Remote Software Upgrades and takes the Connected Car to the next level with the focus on customers. The vehicle software can be conveniently updated over the air. The vehicle remains up to date at all times and even after years still benefits from free new functions, function updates and quality improvements.

2018 IPA

In 2018 it is called “Hey BMW”. The BMW Group starts a new era with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. Operation of the vehicle, access to functions and information is easily achieved with voice commands thanks to the IPA. The Open Mobility Cloud from BMW as well as artificial intelligence ensure that the abilities of the IPA keep developing.

iX iDrive

BMW reinvents the iDrive and continues the success story – digitally and intelligently. The vehicle from this time on takes an active role in conjunction with passengers – as a centrepiece for the digital experience.

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