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BMW Open Innovation.

Kai Petrick

At BMW Open Innovation we create value for our customers by unlocking the innovation potential of startups, cross industry technologies, intrapreneurs and innovation crowds. Thanks to our highly committed team and a comprehensive outside-in perspective we significantly contribute to the innovation leadership of the BMW Group.

Kai Petrick

Head of BMW Open Innovation


Always staying one step ahead and shaping the mobility of the future is an important part of our company’s philosophy. We therefore work tirelessly to find innovative solutions today for the issues of tomorrow.



Location Startup Garage

BMW Startup Garage.

The BMW Startup Garage is a startup's gateway into the multitrillion dollar automotive industry. We are looking to partner and become the early adopting venture client of top startups that can make a significant difference to innovation at the BMW Group.
Crowd Innovation

BMW Crowd Innovation.

BMW Crowd Innovation is the innovation collaboration platform of the BMW group. The BMW Crowd Innovation Platform enables innovators to tap into the swarm intelligence of internal and external innovation crowds. This way, new ideas and technical solutions for solving current and future problems can be identified accurately.
Technology Scouting

BMW Technology Scouting.

Technology Scouting at the BMW Group consists of a worldwide Technology Office network. Our goal is to understand our customers globally, secure an overview of worldwide trends and technologies and understand the future needs and requirements for mobility in the individual countries.
BMW Accelerator

BMW Accelerator.

The BMW Accelerator is located in Garching, Bavaria. Whether physically in our office or virtually we support ideas from BMW intrapreneurs worldwide and speed up the transformation into valuable customer centered mobility businesses. In our 12-week program, teams test their ideas and prototypes directly on the customer to create valuable and sustainable innovations.

BMW Open Innovation FAQ.

The BMW Group is a provider of premium mobility.  Among other aspects, premium means offering innovative products and clever solutions that inspire our customers. What drives us every day is the motivation to always bring the best product or service to the market. Cross-industry collaborations and cooperation with tech startups help us to secure our innovation leadership in the future.

There is no better place than Munich for us to quickly integrate new technologies into our vehicles and build a business development network with BMW decision-makers. That is because our global headquarters are also located in Munich. It is here where we define our innovation strategies and develop our vehicles.

No! In fact, some of our most interesting innovations were sparked in other industries. There are numerous technologies or use cases that no one in the automotive industry has thought of yet. And that is what we are looking for.

Even though most of our innovation projects are confidential, there is a selection of success stories for all of our four innovation formats. Feel free to take a look!

BMW Startup Garage

Partner with us.

Intrigued? Partner with the BMW Group. The BMW Startup Garage is looking to partner with top startups like yours!


BMW Crowd Innovation needs YOU – and your quantum computing expertise! You will face four concrete problems from the fields of material simulation, optimisation and machine learning. Interested in helping US develop algorithms for real applications? Then APPLY for OUR challenge!