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BMW i Ventures

BMW i Ventures: Venture capital for sustainable future technologies and mobility game changers.

Venture capitalist BMW i Ventures invests in innovative, fast-scaling startups from the automotive environment that are helping to shape the individual mobility of tomorrow. Its focus is on technological solutions for the transportation, manufacturing, and supply chain industries, as well as interdisciplinary, sustainable solutions. Fully autonomous, BMW i Ventures makes investment decisions quickly and in a way that is appropriate to the industry. This autonomy makes it possible to match the speed and quality of the best venturing players and attract top investment partners. In turn, the proximity to the BMW Group strengthens the tech expertise of BMW i Ventures.

Investment areas.

Gewinnung der Batterie-Rohstoffe

When it comes to investments in the Car Development field, BMW i Ventures focuses primarily on innovations in the fields of e-mobility and battery technology, particularly with a view to cost efficiency potential (e.g. weight reduction or resource efficiency), safety, connectivity, UI/UX and ADAS.

BMW i Ventures invests in startups whose innovative solutions advance mobility.

The BMW Group’s smart production plant in Dingolfing

High data quality is increasingly crucial in the manufacturing industry. With the goal of intelligent, data-driven production, BMW i Ventures invests in startups in the areas of automation, manufacturing technologies, robotics, logistics, production, as well as quality assurance.

Modern technologies set new standards in production.

Car Development

The BMW Group has set itself clear targets for more sustainability in its supply chain. That’s why BMW i Ventures invests, among other things, in startups that offer solutions in the areas of supply management, traceability and blockchain.

Zwei Smartphones, die mit dem System eines Autos digital verbunden sind

Solutions for digital sales and services are business areas that BMW i Ventures considers for its investments - this ranges from digital customer care to digital platform mobility.

This is the future: digital and network-thinking sales and services.

Innenraum des BMW i 7 mit Installation “Pulse Topology”

In the area of information technology, BMW i Ventures is looking for solutions in the fields of data and cloud technologies, cybersecurity, and quantum computing – with a focus on both software and hardware solutions.

Impossible to imagine life without it: Information technology in the automotive environmen.

Use of natural fibers in the BMW M4 GT4

In the investment area of sustainability, BMW i Ventures deals with startups whose innovations in the field of materials reduce the carbon footprint. For example, startups developing alternative materials or components based on recycled substances. These can be batteries, plastics, metals or natural leather alternatives.

Sustainable alternatives in the automotive environment ensure lower-emission products.

Success Stories.

BMW i Ventures successfully invests in sustainable industrial solutions (see Boston-MetalNatural Fiber Welding, or bCOMP) and is involved in the success stories of over 60 companies (including Chargepoint (IPO), Kinexon, Motorway, Our Next Energy, Solid Power (IPO), TekionTurntide und Xometry (IPO)).

How BMW i Ventures works with mobility start-ups.

The partnership between BMW i Ventures and startup companies represents a win-win situation every time:


Since its foundation in 2011, BMW i Ventures has already produced several unicorns. Thanks to its locations in Silicon Valley and Munich, the investment team is very close to technology trends and has a good feel for innovations that will bring success.


The BMW i Ventures team not only supports startups financially, but also contributes non-monetary resources ("smart capital") that contribute to the successful development of the fledgling companies. In this way, the startups benefit from the technical expertise and network within the BMW Group as well as the proximity to Silicon Valley.

In addition to BMW i Ventures, the BMW Group supports young startups via the BMW Startup Garage. The focus here is on pilot projects with selected startups to identify innovation potential for the BMW Group at an early stage.

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BMW i Ventures is headquartered in Mountain View in Silicon Valley, the world's leading tech hub. There are also offices in San Francisco and Munich. The Munich location is particularly relevant for the increasing number of investments in Europe and Germany.

Marcus Behrendt

Marcus Behrendt

Managing Partner, Munich

Marcus Behrendt is Managing Partner at BMW i Ventures, having previously worked for several years at BMW Vehicle Development in Munich as Head of Department for User Experience (control panels and ergonomics). His focus is on CVC and automotive, supporting impact-oriented founders and collaboration between startups and corporates. In particular, he focuses on the startup market in Silicon Valley, Europe and Israel. Having spent four years in Silicon Valley, he returned to Munich in 2022.

Kasper Sage

Kasper Sage

Managing Partner, Silicon Valley

Kasper Sage joined BMW i Ventures in 2016 as a Principal to identify and evaluate startups with technology innovations. He joined the VC fund in 2021 as Managing Partner and supports its network in Silicon Valley. His investment focus is on technologies in the automotive environment that contribute to increasing sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions.