Investor Relations

Investor Relations.

+++ Includes a $100 Million Investment in a New One Million Square Foot Facility +++ Training center to be completed in summer 2022 +++ More than 11.4 billion US dollars total investment in the site since 1992 +++


Spartanburg, S.C. BMW Manufacturing announced that it will expand its logistics operations to a new building. Total investment in the new building is approximately $100 million. When completed, the new logistics center will be nearly one million square feet in size with an opportunity for future expansion.

“For nearly three decades, BMW has called South Carolina its second home. This expansion in our logistics operation represents our continued commitment to this state, and it will prepare Plant Spartanburg for the future,” said Dr. Robert Engelhorn, president and CEO of BMW Manufacturing. “The new warehouse will allow us to consolidate our logistics processes as well as implement efficiency measures for a more sustainable logistics operation.” 


+++ Automotive segment reports nine-month free cash flow of € 6.3 billion +++ Segment EBIT margin comes in at 11.3% for nine months +++ BMW brand grows nine-month market share in Europe, Asia and Americas +++ Deliveries of fully electric vehicles up by 121.4% for nine-month period +++ Raised outlook for full year 2021 confirmed +++


Munich. The BMW Group continued to demonstrate its high level of profitability in the period from July to September 2021, with revenues, profit before tax and net profit all at record levels for a third quarter. The Group’s strong performance during this period was driven in particular by favourable product mix factors and positive pricing effects for new vehicles as well as stable selling prices of pre-owned vehicles.

The BMW Group also posted new record figures for deliveries to customers, revenues and profit before tax for the nine-month period and, in light of this strong performance, confirmed its outlook for the full year at the quarterly press conference. The outlook for the current year was raised in an ad-hoc announcement dated 30 September, clearly demonstrating the Group's underlying profitability. 


+++ The project encourages the production of natural rubber to protect biodiversity and local communities in the forest of Hutan Harapan. +++

Munich, Milan, Cambridge. The BMW Group and Pirelli are joining with Birdlife International in a three year project that aims to favor the long-term production of sustainable and deforestation-free natural rubber in Indonesia. Birdlife International - an NGO that conserves global biodiversity, habitats and birds – will be supported by its two new partners in actions to benefit local communities, the conservation of the natural ecosystem and protection of endangered animal species in the forests of Indonesia. In Indonesia, the project is implemented by a number of non-governmental organisations coordinated by the local consortium PT Restorasi Ekosistem Indonesia (PT Reki). In Indonesia, the cultivation of natural rubber is one of the traditional sources of income for the local population.

The project is located in part of the Hutan Harapan rainforest (island of Sumatra), which is home to around 1,350 different animal species. It will take the form of a series of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of the indigenous community by protecting farmers’ land rights and promoting women’s rights, conserving a deforestation-free area of 2,700 hectares and protecting several endangered species. The different activities will be implemented in line with the goals of the Global Platform of Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR), the multi-stakeholder platform for the sustainable development of the natural rubber business, of which the BMW Group, Pirelli and Birdlife International are founder members.


Why invest in BMW?

FIRST-CLASS INDIVIDUAL MOBILITY – We play a pioneering role in setting standards for the individual premium mobility of tomorrow. It combines pleasure and responsibility without compromise.

SUSTAINABILITY – The BMW Group is a holistically sustainable company taking responsibility for sustainable future mobility. Every investment in BMW is a sustainable investment.

INNOVATION & FLEXIBILITY – The BMW Group is an innovation pioneer in the automotive industry. Our business model is based on constant transformation and flexibility – successful for over 100 years.

ELECTRIFICATION – Due to our flexibility and permanently transformed plants, we will have a convincing battery-electric vehicle offer covering 90% of our current market segments from 2023.

DIGITALIZATION – We set standards in the digitalization and connectivity of our vehicles and use our competitive edge in remote software upgrades.

FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE – We offer financial stability due to our strong balance sheet and industry-leading credit ratings*. We set ambitious profitability and cash flow targets and are a reliable dividend payer.

*Best credit rating in Europe, second best credit rating worldwide

Deliveries to customers BMW, MINI & Rolls-Royce.
In connection with a review of its sales and related disclosure practices, the BMW Group reviewed its sales figures for deliveries and determined that certain deliveries were not reported for the correct time periods. The BMW Group has revised the data for deliveries retrospectively for the previous years. Further information can be found in the BMW Group Report 2020 on page 128/129.

BMW Group Sales Distribution in major regions.
Sales Volume of Automobiles as of 30.09.2021.


In g CO2 / km;
EU including Norway and Island.
Since 2018, adjusted value based on conversion to WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure) and recalculated to New European Driving Cycle (NEDC).
* Value (internal calculation) takes into account the flexibilities defined in the regulatory requirements: phase-in with 5 g / km, supercredits BEV / PHEV with 7.5 g / km and eco-innovations with 2.4 g / km.

CO2 EMISSIONS New car fleet Europe.


BMW Group.

  • Profit before tax: significant increase
  • Workforce size at year-end: slight decrease
  • Share of women in management positions in the BMW Group: slight increase


  • Deliveries to customers: significant increase
  • EBIT margin: between 8 and 10%
  • Return on capital employed2: significant increase


  • Deliveries to customers: solid increase
  • Share of electrified vehicles in deliveries: significant increase
  • CO2 emissions new vehicle fleet EU1: significant decrease
  • CO2 emissions per vehicle produced: moderate decrease
  • EBIT margin: between 9.5 bis 10.5%3
  • Return on capital employed2: significant increase


  • Return on equity (RoE): between 20 and 23%

Based on adjusted outlook; see Glossary of the BMW Group Report 2020 for the definition of terminology / ranges used in forecasting.
1 EU including Norway and Iceland.
2 Unlike the other key performance indicators, the RoCE forecast for the Automotive and Motorcycles segments is based on the change in percentage points.
Including an increase of around 1 percentage point from the partial release of the provision in conjunction with EU antitrust proceedings. 

Due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding the course and potential consequences of the pandemic going forward, it is difficult to make an accurate forecast of the BMW Group’s business performance in 2021.