View on BMW Group building

BMW Group re­mains on track for suc­cess as trans­for­ma­tion con­tin­ues.

Green BMW iFactory

This is how GREEN the BMW iFACTORY is.

Digital BMW iFactory

This is how DIGITAL the BMW iFACTORY is.

BMW iX1 xDrive

Dy­nam­ic grow­th in e-­mo­bi­li­ty: BMW Group doub­les sa­les of ful­ly-elec­tric ve­hic­les

BMW iX5 Hydrogen

BMW Group pro­du­ces fuel cell sys­tems.

Sustainability Campaign Key Visual

The BMW Group sus­tain­abil­i­ty strat­e­gy rests on these six pil­lars.

BMW i7

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