Neue Klasse X
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The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X - the Neue Klasse as a Sports Activity Vehicle.

The BMW Group provides a first glimpse of a Sports Activity Vehicle based on the fully-electric architecture of the Neue Klasse with the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X. An innovative drive and chassis control delivers even more precision, dynamics, efficiency and driving pleasure.

At the IAA 2023 last autumn, the BMW Group presented a clear picture of the future of the brand as a sedan with the BMW Vision Neue Klasse. The latest vision vehicle now provides a glimpse into BMW X models of the future. The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X imports the philosophy and technology of the Neue Klasse into the realm of Sports Activity Vehicles. “Together with the BMW Vision Neue Klasse, the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X showcases the breadth of our future BMW model line-up. The Neue Klasse reflects the variety of all the models that customers want today and in the future – from sporty sedan, with all its derivatives, to modern SAV family,” says Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG.

Neue Klasse X
Neue Klasse X

Innovative drive and chassis control for the Neue Klasse.

Along with the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X, more details will also be revealed about an innovative type of drive and chassis control for all future Neue Klasse vehicles. It is based on a software stack that the BMW Group developed in-house and helps the Neue Klasse vehicles guarantee a smooth drive at all times. “Neue Klasse means BMW driving at an even higher level,” explains Frank Weber, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Development. “The BMW of the future will have four totally new super-brains: high-performance computers working smartly together on what, up until now, was processed separately. We developed the first super-brain completely in-house. It integrates the entire powertrain and driving dynamics with up to ten times more computing power. The second super-brain will enable the next quantum leap in automated driving,” Weber continues. “Going forward, we will combine four key control units in a single high-performance computer. The result will be more dynamic performance, more precision, more efficiency.”

Design: Strong character - also as a fully-electric X model.

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X shows the reduced design language and the major leap forward in exterior and interior design of the Neue Klasse in combination with the two-box design of a BMW X model. The fully-electric vehicle architecture with increased ground clearance offers new possibilities for making the interior even more spacious. It allows a long wheelbase, short overhangs and the proportions BMW is known for. Large windows and the panoramic glass roof create a light, airy sense of space. Textiles in warm colours complement the bright and congenial atmosphere in the interior. At the same time, the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X retains the iconic character of the X models: monolithic, clean and with a very distinctive vertical interpretation of the BMW kidney grille.

Neue Klasse X

New BMW iDrive and personalised sound experience.

The next generation of BMW iDrive provides a unique digital user experience in the interior of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X. The redesigned steering wheel with multifunction buttons, Central Display with intuitive touch control functionality and the advanced voice control of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant are used for interaction between the driver and the car, all in conjunction with BMW Panoramic Vision. This projects the most important information across the entire width of the windscreen. It will be complemented in the Neue Klasse series models by the enhanced BMW 3D Head-Up Display. The Personal Sound Experience with the new HYPERSONX WHEEL, presented for the first time in the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X, creates further opportunities for a personalised user experience. This digital function means passengers can have their personal favourite soundtrack accompanying every journey. The real-time generated and variable sound is an innovative contribution to the immersive user experience that turns the interior of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X into a personal experience space.

Neue Klasse X

25 percent improved efficiency and 30 percent more range.

The sixth generation of BMW eDrive technology takes the overall vehicle efficiency of the Neue Klasse to a new level. Among other things, the volumetric energy density of the new round lithium-ion battery cells is more than 20 percent higher than the previously used prismatic cells. In combination with the transition to an 800-volt system, they accelerate the charging speed by up to 30 percent. This means that 300 kilometres of range can be recharged within ten minutes. The sixth generation of BMW eDrive also delivers up to 30 percent more range. In terms of aerodynamics, the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X reaches new standards: Drag is reduced by 20 percent compared to the corresponding model in the current line-up. In addition, new tyre designs and a specific braking system for fully-electric vehicles improve overall vehicle efficiency by up to 25 percent.

Petroleum-free materials and optimised recycling.

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X also represents the efforts the BMW Group is making to increase the use of petroleum-free materials, secondary raw materials and optimised recyclability. Among other innovations, the completely plant- and mineral-based and petroleum-free surface material Verdana is used in the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X in the lower portion of the door panelling and in the centre console. And in another first, maritime plastics are also being used for injection-moulded components. The proportion of this secondary raw material, which is obtained from such items as discarded fishing nets, is already 30 percent in selected components. The materials and design chosen make it easier to disassemble components and improve recyclability. Side skirts and the front and rear apron attachments are also produced from recycled mono-materials. In this way, the new design concept remains true to the principle of the BMW i Vision Circular presented in 2021, which focused on the principle of mono-materials to optimise recyclability. As with the previous vision vehicles for the Neue Klasse, the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X also demonstrates the combined innovative strength the BMW Group has in the key areas of electrification, digitalisation and circularity. At the same time, the vision vehicle adds a new dimension to traditional BMW strengths such as the driving experience. By the end of 2025, the time will have come: the first Neue Klasse vehicles mark the beginning of a new era for BMW and its customers.

Neue Klasse X

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