BMW Group Strategie Nordstern


BMW Group Strategie Nordstern



The world around us is changing – and at the BMW Group, we see it as our responsibility to help shape that change. Two major megatrends influencing the transformation of the automotive industry are, of course, digitalisation and sustainability. So, they are very much in the forefront at our company. But our strategy work equally considers geopolitical challenges, global supply chains and society’s expectations  towards businesses as providers of solutions to these global challenges.

As we do our part to maintain a liveable planet, we need clear goals for guidance. Here, you can find out more about what we are striving to achieve, and join us on the road to the future.


So, what’s behind our mission to actively shape the future of mobility? And what inspires our employees to seek out new solutions for next-level mobility? Find out more about our corporate purpose: to create a holistic connection between body, heart and mind.

body heart mind


At the BMW Group, we hold an important position within society and are committed to helping resolve the challenges facing society: we make individual mobility more human, more intelligent and more responsible – to create an inspiring future for us all. Against this backdrop, the BMW Group’s strategy sets the framework and basis for maintaining our focus on profitability, growth and sustainability, even in an ever more dynamic environment.


What do we stand for? Top-flight individual mobility coupled with sustainable development. Our goal is to bring business, environmental and social considerations into perfect alignment. That’s why we see it as our task to reduce CO2 emissions across the lifecycle of our products, advance the circular economy and deliver on the Paris Climate Agreement. To help us do this, we work to a firmly established set of measurable, science-based targets for 2030.



What drives us? Our thrilling products for current and future generations and the satisfaction of our customers. Working to achieve these things, strong profitability is crucial as it ensures our independence as a business and guarantees our capacity to reach our ambitious financial targets. With our sheer innovativeness and passion, we are shaping the future of sustainable mobility. Our products excite our customers, strengthen our brands and help increase the market share of the BMW Group.


Where is the BMW Group headed? Today and in the future, our focus is on our customers, and on meeting their wide-ranging wishes and exceeding their expectations. At the BMW Group, forward-looking technologies meet emotive products and individual customer care to create a unique overall experience. Electromobility, digitalisation and circularity are at the forefront of what we do.

Strategische Stossrichtung


How will we meet our goals? At the BMW Group, we deliver peak performance. Our collaborations are underpinned with clear values, and we work hand in glove with our partners – both in-house and externally – to achieve maximum efficiency and mutual success. We support our employees as they unfold their full potential and continue their personal development, and we value diversity across the company. We see diversity as fundamental to our competitiveness.


 Auf dem Weg zur Neuen Klasse.
 Auf dem Weg zur Neuen Klasse.

2025 will see the next step in our transformation: the NEUE KLASSE. Built on a dedicated architecture for battery-electric vehicles (BEVs), the NEUE KLASSE will set new standards in electrification, digitalisation and circularity. Its sixth-generation electric drive will offer approx. 30% more range, charge about 30% faster and be around 50% less costly to produce. The BEV architecture and latest-generation drive and battery are expected to deliver a quantum leap in terms of efficiency. In addition, the NEUE KLASSE sets out to offer unprecedented sustainability throughout its lifecycle, thanks to its circularity and increasing share of secondary materials.

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