Electromobility 05.03.2021 2 Min.

With the introduction of a standard tariff structure, public charging of BMW and MINI electric vehicles will become even easier and cheaper than filling up with petrol or diesel.

The BMW Group is taking the next step towards establishing an outstanding charging infrastructure. With its new, standardised tariff structure for public charging stations, drivers of BMW and MINI electric vehicles can now enjoy standardised, transparent electricity rates for their cars at more than 173,000 charging stations in 19 European countries. This decision both further lowers the operating costs of electric vehicles and it also simplifies the charging process, thus helping to drive the continuous growth of electric mobility.

Customers only need to register once in order to safely and easily avail of the public infrastructure of BMW/ MINI Charging at more than 173,000 public charging stations from over 500 charging infrastructure operators. “Access to excellent charging infrastructure at competitive, transparent rates is, apart from range, one of the main preconditions for increasing acceptance and thus continuing to grow electric mobility”, explains Pieter Nota, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG with responsibility for Customer, Brands and Sales. “And that is exactly what our customers get with BMW/ MINI Charging.”

Two basic tariffs, no unpleasant surprises.

The BMW Group takes an integrated approach to electric mobility – always with a strong focus on its future-oriented customers. With BMW Charging and MINI Charging, the BMW Group offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including home charging solutions, installation and digital services as well as public charging in an ever-growing BMW/ MINI Charging network. This also makes electric mobility more accessible for customers who do not have adequate charging options at home or at their workplace.

With the new, standardised tariff structure, customers can choose between the “Flex” and “Active” value-for-money tariffs at public BMW/ MINI Charging stations with immediate effect. Both are tailored to meet user requirements, depending on their driving and charging profiles. While the new “Active” tariff benefits customers who exclusively charge their vehicles at public stations, “Flex”, as the name suggests, offers flexible conditions for customers who use public charging points more infrequently – without any standing charges. In addition to the two basic tariffs, customers can also avail of the optional “IONITY Plus” plan across Europe. This makes BMW/ MINI Charging as easy as paying for your shopping by credit card.

BMW/ MINI Charging – Cheaper than petrol and diesel.

The new tariffs also dispense with an old and widespread misconception, as Pieter Nota explains: “With our “Active” tariff, energy costs for customers in Germany, even those who are unable to charge at home or at their workplace and are thus having to use public charging infrastructure, are still up to 25% below the costs for owners of comparable diesel vehicles. The myth that power for electric vehicles is more expensive than petrol or diesel has thus been comprehensively debunked.”

With this standardised tariff structure, the BMW Group is taking the next step towards emission-free electric mobility, with many more to follow.

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