+++ BMW Group sales reach new all-time high of 2,555,341 units in 2023 (+6.5%) +++ BMW Group BEV sales at 15%, with growth across all sales regions worldwide +++ BMW brand once again tops global premium segment in 2023; electric models see significant growth (+92.2%) +++ Rolls-Royce and Motorrad brands also report new highs +++ Jochen Goller: “Record sales for 2023 show desirability of our strong brands. Customers worldwide value our highly attractive product offering – across all drive technologies.” +++


Munich. The BMW Group delivered a total of 2,555,341 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce vehicles to customers last year (+6.5%) – a new all-time sales high for the company. The BMW, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad brands also reported new record highs in 2023. In the fourth quarter, BMW Group sales climbed to 718,778 units, up +10.3% on the previous year.

“Thanks to close co-operation with our retail partners and driven by the strong performance of our associates, the BMW Group was able to achieve a new all-time sales high for 2023. Customers around the world appreciate our strong brands BMW, MINI, Motorrad and Rolls-Royce and in particular the choice of different drive technologies across the entire BMW Group product range“, said Jochen Goller, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Customer, Brands, Sales. “With our new, highly attractive and technologically outstanding vehicles, we were able to ramp up electromobility even more dynamically in 2023 and achieve the goal of 15% of total sales from fully-electric vehicles”, Goller continued.


+++ Zipse: “Right on track to meet our goals for the year” +++ Group EBT margin of 10.6% in Q3 and 11.9% in YTD September +++ Automotive EBIT margin of 9.8% in Q3 and 10.3% in YTD September +++ Free cash flow of € 5.8 billion in Automotive Segment in YTD September +++ Percentage of BEV deliveries increases to 15.1% in Q3 +++


Munich. The BMW Group is maintaining its course for profitable growth in a volatile business environment. The company once again reaffirmed its leading position in the global premium segment, with a solid increase in sales to 621,699 premium automobiles in the third quarter and 1,836,563 units over the nine-month-period (Q3 2022: 587,744 units/+5.8%; 2022: 1,747,838 units/+5.1%).

The BMW Group combined this growth with a strong financial performance: The EBT margin for the first nine months came in at 11.9% (2022: 19.6%; Q3: 10.6%; Q3 2022: 11.0%), with an EBIT margin in the Automotive Segment of 10.3% (2022: 8.7%; Q3: 9.8%; Q3 2022: 8.9%). Excluding depreciation for BBA assets from the purchase price allocation, the EBIT margin was 10.8% in the third quarter (Q3/2022: 10.1%) and 11.4% (Sept YTD/2022: 11.7%) after nine months.


+++ BMW Group third-quarter sales up +5.8% +++ BEV deliveries climb +79.6% in Q3 +++ Deliveries of fully-electric BMW vehicles double once again (+100.3%) +++ BMW brand remains number one in global premium segment, builds on strong competitive position +++ Pieter Nota: “Overall, we are on track to meet our growth targets for 2023. Our sales of fully-electric vehicles significantly outperformed the total BEV market in the first nine months – clearly underlining the appeal of our products.” +++



Munich. The BMW Group sold 93,931 fully-electric BMW and MINI vehicles in the third quarter – an increase of +79.6% compared to the same period of last year. The BMW brand once again doubled its third-quarter deliveries of fully-electric vehicles from the same period of last year (+100.3%). The company was thus able to translate customer interest in its fully-electric products into dynamic growth.

“The sales success of the third quarter shows that our customers appreciate our wide range of attractive products across all drive technologies. Our fully-electric products, in particular, are benefiting from high demand worldwide – as seen in our BEV sales, which significantly outperformed the total BEV market in the first nine months,” said Pieter Nota, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Customer, Brands, Sales. “Overall, we are on track to meet our growth targets for 2023,” Nota continued.


The fascination of the BMW Group lies not just in our products and technologies but in our history too, which has been written by inventors, pioneers and engineers.

Today, the BMW Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of premium cars and motorcycles and a provider of premium financial and mobility services. We operate over 30 production sites around the world and a global sales network.

BMW unternehmensstrategie


At the BMW Group, we know we have a responsibility to society and the world. That’s why we have fixed targets and values that govern the way we do business. With the help of our strategic focus, we want to make a meaningful contribution to a more sustainable world and combine top-flight mobility with innovative technologies.

Unternehmen BMW


The BMW Group is the world’s leading provider of premium cars and motorcycles and the home of the BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad brands. Our vehicles and products are tailored to the needs of our customers and constantly enhanced – with a clear focus on sustainability and the conservation of resources. 



At the BMW Group, corporate governance is not just a job, it’s our mission. Our Management and Supervisory Boards work closely together, with a strong sense of responsibility and trust which underpins the actions of our company. Transparent reporting and leadership guided by stakeholder interests have always been among the core values that govern how we do business.


As a multinational, the BMW Group operates in a wide variety of fields and offers a broad portfolio of products and services. To ensure full transparency and compliance, we regularly publish reports and compile our KPIs – from headcount and exact annual revenues to investments and R&D quotas. That way, our customers, partners and investors are always up to date with what’s going on in our organisation.

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Fascination. At the BMW Group, it’s a global phenomenon. Formed by our products and technologies, but also by our innovativeness, pioneering spirit and visionary thinking, we have positioned ourselves as the market leader. We see the challenges we face as a privilege – because to us, driving technological transformation and developing new solutions for personal mobility are an opportunity: they are a chance to maintain a long-term focus on sustainability and enhance our culture of appreciation and equality. After all, it’s our people and their passion and commitment that will lead our organisation into the future.