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BMW Group XChange

BMW Group XChange

The BMW Group sees idea-sharing in various forms as a tremendous opportunity to bring different stakeholders together and foster dialogue. As a global company, we are part of society and have a major responsibility for environmental, economic and social issues. For this reason, we proactively promote exchange with stakeholders, experts and interested parties. Our unique exchange platforms, like the rad°hub, FUTURE FORUM and BMW Group Dialogues, enable an intensive exchange of ideas that not only gives all those involved a new perspective, but also creates opportunities for change. The aim is to build a comprehensive learning process with constant further development of ideas.

BMW Group Dialogues 2023

BMW Group Dialogues 2023.

This year the BMW Group Dialogues revolve around the topics "Liveable Cities" and "BMW Vehicle Footprint".

Our initiatives for regular exchange.




It is time to reinvent mobility and to meet the complex and multidimensional needs of the future. The BMW Group wants to lead the dialogue on how we can master the challenges lying ahead. Therefore and as part of the centenary activities the BMW Group launched the rad°hub – a new dialogue format to explore and to design the future of mobility.


At every rad°hub, participants work together in smaller breakout groups to develop future scenarios. Intensive exchange between people from different disciplines provides new impulses and a change of perspective, as well as an opportunity to build new contacts. Scenarios are explored and analyzed to spark impulses and develop ideas for products and services in the mobility sector. 


“rad” is not only a symbol for the movement of the earth and a milestone in the history of mobility, but also for what is moving us in the future. Coming together at a “hub” symbolizes the intersections of our life, where the exchanging of thoughts and the discussing of new possibilities are taking place – the rad°hub, time to move!


Working holistically with different stakeholders on ideas for the mobility of tomorrow opens up new and innovative perspectives for us in shaping this crucial task for the future.

Dr. Joachim Post

Member of the Board of Management BMW AG

Dr. Joachim Post


The rad°influencers are the heart, the fuel of the rad°hub. They all have one thing in common: They push the envelope and drive progress in their field. The rad°influencers come together at the rad°hub to exchange knowledge and to develop ideas about the mobile life of the future. More specifically, jointly working on ideas is not only about the ideas, but moreover about different ways of future thinking and holistic thinking that will influence and shape a culture of innovation and creativity within and outside the BMW Group.

When many participants from inside and outside the BMW Group come together, it is safe to say that results will be as diverse as you can imagine. Combining these inside and outside views, the rad°hub aims at building a network of influencers to create mutually beneficial relationships.

Do you want to join the community? Reach out to

Monica Yunus and Camille Zamora
Birgit Ströbel
Christian Vanizette
Future City


The future city is a place that embraces plurality. Every city is unique with specific and individual structures that have evolved over time. There will be no universal solution, but rather a multitude of approaches that will be implemented at different speed. Accounting for the upcoming population increase and urbanization, transportation needs will not only augment in quantity, but also become more complex to orchestrate. Adopting a holistic perspective is key when developing a viable scenario for the future of mobility. Thus, the dialogue at the rad°hub 2019 further elaborated on the Future City along multiple areas of urban life, including mobility, infrastructure, work, housing, public spaces, culture, regulations and many more. 

BMW Rad°Dialogue 2019
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For technical solutions such as electromobility, renewable energies or digitization, large quantities of metallic raw materials are required which must be used extremely resource efficiently. This will not be possible without a functioning Circular Economy. This requires fundamental changes in the development, production, use and recycling of resource relevant products, which can only be realized through innovative, collaborative value chains along the product life cycle Circular Economy is an instrument for the social and cultural transformation that we need to maintain human prosperity and to achieve the UN sustainability goals.

The way in which we produce and consume as a society is at the expense of people and the environment. The concept of Circular Economy aims to fundamentally change this. Therefore the rad°hub 2021 focused on how we will consume in the future. The participants developed ideas and solutions for living in a circular world in 2040. 

Circular Economy
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There is no doubt: digitalization is progressive. It has shown that it can serve as the breeding ground for leapfrogging innovations and the rise of enormous new markets. Digitalization certainly redefines the way we trade goods and services, how we communicate and access information. But does it really lead to justice and wealth for everyone? How can we ensure that the disruptive power of digitalization is used for the good?

The rad°hub 2022 aimed at reflecting on exactly these questions. It provided a space to take stock of and reflect on current trends, possible avenues and potential risks of digitalization in the mobility sector. The community explored future scenarios and envisioned how mobility could and should look like in 2040.

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Future Forum

A glimpse of the urban future.

The FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt opened in 2019 as an interactive meeting place for everyone who wants to learn more about the city of the future and help shape it. Anchored at the heart of BMW Welt in Munich, the FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt gives visitors a fascinating insight into the ideas, concepts and technologies that will have a lasting impact on urban living in the future. At this cutting-edge venue, the BMW Group aims to create more space for visions. With the aid of modern augmented reality elements, the interactive dialogue platform recreates the BMW Group’s futuristic vision of mobility in ways that have never been seen before. Visitors to BMW Welt are cordially invited to experience and discuss the visions of the future for themselves, up close, at the FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt.

Inspiring talks and discussions.

Apart from the interactive visitor experience, the FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt also provides all developers and visionaries with an inspiring space for a stimulating exchange of ideas – with one another and with the audience. Exciting keynotes and panel discussions on future issues beyond the subject of mobility offer new perspectives and encourage dialogue, while enriching the exhibition format. The BMW Group also invites all “future shapers” to create their own event formats within the framework of the FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt so they can present their visions and ideas to a broader audience. The Future Forum by BMW Welt is designed to inspire and actively promote dialogue on all issues relating to the future, true to the motto: EXPLORE THE FUTURE. GET INSPIRED. JOIN THE CONVERSATION. 

BMW Group Dialogues 2022, Mirjam Hagen


Since 2011 the BMW Group has been in close contact with key stakeholders in our core markets through the international stakeholder format BMW Group Dialogues. The Dialogues include key stakeholders from the industry, academia, NGO’s, politics and civil society. The BMW Group wants to understand the perspectives of stakeholders and circle them back to the main strategists.

In 2021, the global stakeholder platform BMW Group XChange platform was founded. The aim of this platform is to extend the dialogue all year round and establish a comprehensive learning process with continuous development of ideas and initiatives around the topic of sustainability.

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