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The BMW Group sees idea-sharing in various forms as a tremendous opportunity to bring different stakeholders together and foster dialogue. As a global company, we are part of society and have a major responsibility for environmental, economic and social issues. For this reason, we proactively promote exchange with stakeholders, experts and interested parties. Our unique exchange platforms, like the rad°hub, FUTURE FORUM and BMW Group Dialogues, enable an intensive exchange of ideas that not only gives all those involved a new perspective, but also creates opportunities for change. The aim is to build a comprehensive learning process with constant further development of ideas.

BMW Group Dialogues 2022


In 2022, the BMW Group Dialogues are all about “360° CO2 Strategy”.

Our initiatives for regular exchange.



The idea.

The mobility of the future goes far beyond products and services. To continue driving this future and pushing boundaries, the BMW Group created rad°hub – a creative space for interdisciplinary exchange between opinion leaders and experts, both inside and outside the company, where they can discuss and master the challenges of future mobility together.

Why the name rad°hub? “rad” is German for the “wheel”, one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind, and “rad°” is the symbol for the earth’s rotational speed (rad/s). The word “hub” refers to the place where people come together to create innovations. The rad°hub represents the momentum that drives the earth and its inhabitants, today and in the future.  

The concept.

At every rad°hub, participants work together in smaller breakout groups to develop future scenarios. Intensive exchange between people from different disciplines provides new impulses and a change of perspective, as well as an opportunity to build new contacts. Scenarios are explored and analysed with a single goal: to spark impulses and develop ideas for products and services in the mobility sector.

An active and open dialogue with stakeholders from all facets of society is crucial to solving today´s most complex challenges.

Dr. Nicolas Peter

Member of the Board of Management BMW AG

Nicolas Peter

About rad°influencers.

Monica Yunus and Camille Zamora
Birgit Ströbel
Christian Vanizette

The UK is home to the MINI and Rolls-Royce brands and was therefore the perfect location for celebrating the world premieres of the MINI and Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 vehicles. The Vision Vehicles’ futuristic design and innovative technologies already provide a glimpse of the BMW Group brands’ vision of the mobility of the future.

More than any other city, London combines historical tradition with dynamic progress. The metropolis welcomes people and cultures from around the world – and now also the rad°hub.

In the heart of the trendy borough of Camden, cultural focal point for the city and hotspot for music, art and culinary pursuits, 100 rad°influencer came together to share their vision for the future of mobility. The venue was the Roundhouse, a former railway workshop, which has served as a cultural centre for up-and-coming talents for the past 50 years. Like the rad°hub, the Roundhouse stands for inspiration, creativity and innovation – providing the ideal location for the rad°influencer to develop scenarios for the topic of “digital cultures”.

Although the concepts they came up with are quite diverse, they all reflect the challenges of virtual mobility, environmental protection, recreation and strengthening the community. All these are factors that will touch our lives in the future.

Los Angeles – the dynamic city not far from Silicon Valley stands for progress and innovation and is a place where dreams become reality. The bikers’ paradise of California’s Highway No. 1, a symbol of boundless freedom, provides a stark contrast to digitalisation – a good reason to host rad°hub here in conjunction with the world premiere of the BMW Motorrad Vision Vehicle “The Great Escape”.

The LA rad°hub was held in the Barker Aircraft Hangar – a popular event venue for artists and companies in the Golden State. With its 13-metre arched ceiling and impressive steel construction, it provided a unique space for discussing the mobility of the future

Digitalisation is already changing our daily lives. Big data, artificial intelligence and the use of robots plays a key role in production. The Los Angeles rad°hub therefore focused on the megatrend of “digital intelligence”. In eight “hubs”, rad°influencer developed scenarios for the following topics:

  • Living Multi-Modality
  • Human Augmentivity
  • Experimential Mobility und
  • Intelligent and Invisible Services.

Everyone agreed that the future will be defined by autonomous driving, sustainable energy, better work-life balance and connectivity.

The topics of rad°hub Rotterdam for the 12th and 13th September 2018 were based around Creative Responsibility and Future Mobility Experience.

Each of the various "hubs" offered workshops for selected topics such as Connected Life or Smart Habitat, in which the rad°influencer delved into each issue and developed concepts for the mobility of the future.
Because every hub had a different perspective, the participants were offered optimal requirements, in which they could incorporate individual viewpoints, backgrounds and visions.

The location for the lively exchange of futuristic topics was this year the 'Innovatiekracht', which offered not only an inspirational atmosphere, but also a spectacular view of the Rotterdam Harbour.

The Munich rad°hub was held on the campus of the BMW and MINI Driving Academy in Maisach, which offers driver training for those who want to test their limits. Driving passion has left its mark on the historic airport site for the past 40 years.

With an eye on the present, the participants considered the mobility of the future, with a timeline of 15 years. In eight “hubs”, the rad°influencer developed innovative concepts at the intersection of mobility and digitalisation. Autonomous driving, connectivity, electrification and sharing solutions will all define tomorrow’s mobility.

Each “hub” approached the topic from a different angle – and they were successful: The concepts combined personal luxury, individual autonomy, creative responsibility and innovative lifestyles in an urban setting.


Future Forum

A glimpse of the urban future.

The FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt opened in 2019 as an interactive meeting place for everyone who wants to learn more about the city of the future and help shape it. Anchored at the heart of BMW Welt in Munich, the FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt gives visitors a fascinating insight into the ideas, concepts and technologies that will have a lasting impact on urban living in the future. At this cutting-edge venue, the BMW Group aims to create more space for visions. With the aid of modern augmented reality elements, the interactive dialogue platform recreates the BMW Group’s futuristic vision of mobility in ways that have never been seen before. Visitors to BMW Welt are cordially invited to experience and discuss the visions of the future for themselves, up close, at the FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt.

Inspiring talks and discussions.

Apart from the interactive visitor experience, the FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt also provides all developers and visionaries with an inspiring space for a stimulating exchange of ideas – with one another and with the audience. Exciting keynotes and panel discussions on future issues beyond the subject of mobility offer new perspectives and encourage dialogue, while enriching the exhibition format. The BMW Group also invites all “future shapers” to create their own event formats within the framework of the FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt so they can present their visions and ideas to a broader audience. The Future Forum by BMW Welt is designed to inspire and actively promote dialogue on all issues relating to the future, true to the motto: EXPLORE THE FUTURE. GET INSPIRED. JOIN THE CONVERSATION. 

BMW Group Dialogues 2022, Mirjam Hagen


Since 2011 the BMW Group has been in close contact with key stakeholders in our core markets through the international stakeholder format BMW Group Dialogues. The Dialogues include key stakeholders from the industry, academia, NGO’s, politics and civil society. The BMW Group wants to understand the perspectives of stakeholders and circle them back to the main strategists.

In 2021, the global stakeholder platform BMW Group XChange platform was founded. The aim of this platform is to extend the dialogue all year round and establish a comprehensive learning process with continuous development of ideas and initiatives around the topic of sustainability.

You as a stakeholder would like to get in touch around the topic of sustainability at BMW Group?

Contact our stakeholder team at:

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