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Our Engagement

Our Engagement.

There can be no progress without sharing ideas, no learning process without dialogue. In order to adapt our corporate objectives in the best way possible to society’s needs and expectations, the BMW Group regularly exchanges ideas with stakeholders, diverse educational and relief organisations and young leaders from around the world. The aim of these collaborations is to promote frank and constructive discussion of economic, environmental and social issues, with the aim of tackling challenges and actively shaping the future. An overview of our platforms can be found here.

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Only those who take action can have a real impact. That is why the BMW Group pursues ambitious sustainability goals. Learn what these are and how we intend to achieve them in the “Our goals” section.


Future Forum

As a global company, we are part of society and operate in a complex environment. Our actions affect the interests of many different stakeholders. At the same time, developments in society as a whole also influence our own business activities. We are conscious of this responsibility and seek the regular exchange of ideas with our stakeholders in all markets. We are united in our aim of working together to create sustainable mobility solutions and concepts for liveable cities and communities. This requires diverse perspectives – which we bring together through our dialogue platforms.


Unsere Initiativen für den regelmässigen Austausch.



Since 2016, the rad°hub has provided a unique platform for a lively exchange of views, creative moments, innovative ideas and inspiring connections. The aim of this dialogue-oriented format is to encourage dialogue between visionary thinkers and opinion leaders from all over the world.

Future Forum


FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt is an exhibition and dialogue platform launched in 2019. The Future Forum gives BMW Welt visitors an insight into the ideas, concepts and technologies that will define urban living in the future. In conjunction with other companies, the BMW Group hosts joint events where experts from various innovative disciplines are invited to share their visions of the future – true to the motto: EXPLORE THE FUTURE. GET INSPIRED. JOIN THE CONVERSATION. 

BMW Group Dialogues 2022, Mirjam Hagen


The BMW Group Dialogues are our central format for sharing ideas with stakeholders from all over the world. The format has been held in our key sales markets of North America, Europe and Asia since 2011. The aim is to align our corporate strategy with the expectations of important stakeholders – for example, in the core areas of electromobility, energy strategy, social commitment and urban mobility, as well as environmental and social standards in the supply chain.


One World München

In a world where people and cultures are increasingly interconnected and face new social challenges as a result, the importance of intercultural dialogue continues to grow. For this reason, the BMW Group has launched several platforms for sharing ideas with business, policymakers, academia and society. This enables us to understand social requirements better and, conversely, creates an understanding of what the BMW Group does. Rather than avoiding critical issues and debates, we seek solutions together through a constructive exchange of ideas.


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The future forum One Young World has been giving young people the chance to actively shape the future since 2009. Today, thousands of young talents from the world of business, NGOs and academia come together at annual summits to think about and discuss what comes next in areas such as education, climate and environmental protection and social projects, as well as for networking.

DLD event


In conjunction with the DLD, a global media and conference network for innovation, digitalisation, science and culture, the BMW Group discusses the major challenges of our time with experts from around the world. Topics include sustainable concepts for the future and a functioning circular economy.


Want to gain a deeper insight into our pursuit of responsibility? Topic-specific documents are available in our download section, where you will find all the information you need on the BMW Group – from balance sheets and reports to announcements and analyses.

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