A BMW i5 Touring in metallic green on the road in a snowy mountain landscape.
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In May 2024 the new BMW i5 Touring celebrates its market launch in Europe. The fully electric addition to the BMW 5 Series family is the perfect companion for drivers for a whole host of reasons – whether day-to-day or on longer journeys.

First unveiled at the IAA Frankfurt in 1991, the BMW 5 Series Touring has always known how to win hearts and minds. Back then, appearing on stage alongside the Sedan unveiled 3 years earlier, it was the first independent but no less stylish variant on the 5 Series and successfully embodied the driving comfort and sporty handling of the Sedan. The next chapter of the 5 Series success story is set for May 2024: now in its sixth generation, the model family will welcome its first ever fully electric member: the BMW i5 Touring. This takes fully electric mobility into the upper mid-size premium segment for the very first time. But there are five other aspects that make it so special as well:

·       Innovations for more sustainable production and materials
·       A multifaceted range of digital functions
·       Handy assistance systems
·       Generous stowage – with all drive types
·       Elegant design


Like the new Sedan, the 5 Series Touring is based on a flexible drive architecture. This means it’s available with a choice of highly efficient petrol and diesel engines – including 48-volt mild hybrid technology – as well as various plug-in hybrid systems or a fully electric drive. All of these variants are made on one and the same production line, at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing.

With a range of 483–560 km (WLTP), the BMW i5 eDrive40 Touring (power consumption combined, WLTP: 19.3 – 16.5 kWh/100 km) proves that sheer driving pleasure can be fully electric too. Another winning feature is the simple, convenient charging, whether at home, at work or on the road: the BMW i5 Touring offers AC charging with up to 11 kW as standard and up to 22 kW as an option. Fast-charging stations are also efficient to use with this fully electric car, for DC charging at up to 205 kW. This means it takes just 10 minutes, tops, to add another 149 km to the range of the BMW i5 eDrive40 Touring, or another 142 km in the BMW i5 M60 xDrive.

The fully electric variants of the new BMW 5 Series Touring are among the first BMW vehicles to feature the Plug & Charge Multi Contract. This makes charging at compatible public charging points even more convenient, doing away with the need for digital authentication via app or Charging card. In addition, the BMW i5 Touring and plug-in hybrids now come with the Connected Home Charging Package for the very first time, paving the way for lower-cost charging at home. What’s more, by reducing the load on the grid, the new package reduces the need for power from fossil fuels.


The BMW Group is committed to the holistic reduction of CO2 emissions throughout the value chain and intends to be totally climate neutral by no later than 2050. The BMW i5 Touring takes it one step closer to achieving this goal, as progress continues towards becoming not just the leading but also the most sustainable manufacturer of premium vehicles. The fully electric BMW i5 Touring is a key contributor in this regard, incorporating materials that are easy on resources and being manufactured with green electricity. It resolutely adheres to the holistic approach of reducing its CO2 footprint by 20 percent compared with other vehicles.

Further elements are the fully vegan leather-look interior, which comes as standard, and materials that incorporate varying degrees of recyclables. The upper material of the floor covering and design covers in the engine bay, for example, are made of 100 percent recycled materials, such as old fishing nets.


The BMW i5 Touring takes intuitive human-machine interaction to a new level of innovation, giving drivers plenty to look forward to. The central operating element is the familiar BMW Curved Display, which is a single screen of brilliant, anti-reflective glass. Rounding off the driving experience is a plethora of digital services supported by the BMW Operating System 8.5. These include the BMW Maps navigation system and a range of digital infotainment offerings. Services such as BMW ID and the My BMW app also ensure optimum connectivity, and Remote Software Upgrades keep the software up to date at all times.

Inside the BMW i5 Touring – with the BMW Curved Display in action.


When it comes to intelligent systems for automated driving and parking, the new BMW i5 Touring offers a range of standard and optional systems that reliably support and take the strain off drivers in a variety of situations. Among them are the Driving Assistant Professional option, with its steering and lane-keeping assistant, and distance control with Stop & Go Function. In Germany, the US and Canada, there is the Highway Assistant too, which takes care of steering on fast roads with permanent dividers between the different directions. This means that at speeds of up to 130 km/h, drivers can take their hands off the wheel, provided they keep their eyes on the road. The system is rounded off by the Active Lane Change Assistant, which lets the driver confirm a lane-change just by looking at the exterior mirror. 

All in all, the new BMW i5 Touring embodies the dynamics, safety and comfort that are the hallmark of BMW – whatever the journey. Its balanced handling makes for an agile, dynamic driving experience at all times, courtesy of specifically set-up chassis components like the electronically controlled damping – which adapts to the driving style and road condition – and the integral active steering, which is part of the optional Adaptive Suspension Professional.


The new BMW i5 Touring offers plenty of space for passengers and luggage. The front seats are far more spacious than before, especially around the shoulders, and rear-seat passengers can enjoy more leg, shoulder and elbow space. The tailgate opens up wide, leaving just a low ledge which makes it easy to stow even large items. The split fold-down rear seat enlarges the cargo space significantly.


The BMW i5 Touring speaks the design language of the new BMW 5 Series. Elongated proportions, a powerful front with double headlights, the BMW kidney grille with illuminated surround and the gently sloping rear all add to its poise and dynamism. The result? An even sportier presence than previous generations.

In terms of exterior finishes, the new BMW i5 Touring comes with a wide choice of paint colours. Drivers can now create their new BMW 5 Series to specification. And for an extra surprise, the M Sport Package (Pro) and the top-of-the-range BMW i5 M60 xDrive Touring (power consumption combined, WLTP: 20.8 – 18.3 kWh/100 km, range, WLTP: 445 – 506 km) feature a number of special design features.

Taking sustainability, digitality and spaciousness to a new level. That’s what the BMW i5 Touring is all about. In May of this year, the first fully electric Touring by BMW will usher in a new era. Ready for the future.

A blue BMW 5 Series Touring on the road in a snowy mountain landscape.

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