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Sustainability 24.10.2022 5 Min.
Sustainability in focus.

From 24 October 2022, the BMW Group will be strengthening its communication around sustainability and the circular economy under the motto “We turn things around”. 

From leather-free seat covers that could one day be made from cactus fibres to using recycled plastic bottles for the roof lining, these are just two projects that show how the BMW Group is continuing to drive sustainability forward with its innovations. Beginning on 24 October 2022, the BMW Group will be communicating its diverse initiatives for sustainability and the circular economy with a large-scale campaign in the press, on billboards and on social media.

“The climate isn’t truly protected until carbon emissions are reduced over the entire value chain, from sourcing to recycling,” says Vice President Corporate Communications Human Resources, Production, Purchasing and Sustainability Alexander Bilgeri. The vision: “The cars of today will become raw materials for the cars of tomorrow,” says Bilgeri. As much as half of a given vehicle could potentially be made using recycled materials, or so-called “secondary raw materials”.

With the motto “We turn things around”, the campaign will report on different ways in which the BMW Group is changing things for the better and contributing to a future of sustainable mobility. After all, at the BMW Group, sustainability is much more than just building and selling electric cars. “We consider it necessary to take a holistic view that encompasses environmental, social and economic aspects,” says Bilgeri.

The BMW Group is taking this 360-degree approach with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions per vehicle by 40 per cent by 2030 (compared to 2019). Along with reusing materials in the context of a circular economy, regrowing raw materials is another focal point of the campaign. One thing is clear for Alexander Bilgeri: “For the BMW Group, sustainability doesn’t require doing without; it requires bold innovations.” 

The campaign kicks off digitally on 24 October on the media channels of the BMW Group and includes classic advertisements in print and digital publications with a wide reach as well as billboards in public areas in selected cities. The planned second phase of the campaign will have an international focus. In addition to sustainability and the circular economy, the BMW Group communication will focus on electromobility and digitalisation in the coming months. 


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