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Company 01.06.2022 5 Min.
Driven by diversity – the joy of variety.

The BMW Group is holding its 10th diversity week for all employees. From 30 May to 3 June, various activities emphasising the power of diversity will take place at different sites. After all, diversity is the cornerstone of our success.

People from more than 110 nations make the BMW Group what it is: a company with Bavarian roots that is at home in the world. Diversity – in any form – is one of the most important success factors for the BMW Group. A diverse workforce brings different perspectives, experiences and skills to our day-to-day work, thus boosting the innovative ability and competitiveness of the company. For this reason, the BMW Group promotes a working environment that actively makes room for a range of different perspectives.

“Diversity is the foundation of our success. An unprejudiced working environment and respectful cooperation are essential prerequisites for this,” explains Ilka Horstmeier, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Human Resources, Labour Relations Director, describing the position of the company. This diversity in our teams allows us to better understand the wide-ranging requirements of our stakeholders all over the world so we can reflect on them and make smarter decisions. The BMW Group embedded diversity in its HR strategy back in 2010. It encompasses gender, cultural background, age and experience, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation and identity.

Clear position on diversity.

The BMW Group wants to raise awareness of diversity. In 2011, the company therefore also signed up to the principles of the Charta der Vielfalt e.V. (Diversity Charter), an association that is committed to embedding diversity in the German economy and society. It was also responsible for launching Diversity Day in Germany. From 30 May to 3 June, the BMW Group is running its tenth-ever week all about diversity. This involves a varied programme of expert talks, workshops, social media campaigns and other activities.

The BMW Group has also decided to make its position clear during Pride month in June by colouring the logo of its international communication and marketing channels. Rainbow flags will be flown at the BMW Group headquarters throughout June and BMW Welt will be lit up in rainbow colours.

The BMW Group is #DrivenbyDiversity – even beyond the campaign period. More than 170 activities were organised worldwide in 2021 alone. The international communication campaign “Driven by Diversity” makes the different identities, mindsets and experiences of employees visible. It is intended to further embed diversity in the corporate culture of the BMW Group and in the ethos of all employees.

The BMW Group supports the Christopher Street Day pride event and provides cars and motorbikes for it in rainbow colours. This is a strong signal that has created an atmosphere of greater openness and liberality. The fact that more and more PRIDE networks are being established at different sites and are supported by us speaks for itself, as does the introduction of gender-neutral toilets.

Open working environment promotes creativity.

Jörg Maack, LGBTQ+ officer and PRIDE network spokesperson, is convinced that this is how to attract new talent: “Queer people should feel spoken to and see that the company is actively addressing the topic.” The BMW PRIDE network is the central point of contact for all questions relating to sexual orientation and identity in the workplace and beyond, both for employees and the company. What started out as informal meetings between a group of BMW employees in 1999 has evolved into a network with more than 500 members across all sites. The aim is to create a tolerant and open working environment in which no one needs to hide and all employees can develop freely and contribute their strengths.

Our diversity is our strength, and passion knows no differences. The BMW Group therefore promotes diversity in our teams. Anyone who wants to set benchmarks for sustainable and individual mobility of the future must also lead the way when it comes to corporate culture. We want to understand and delight our diverse customers around the world. That is why we need the diversity of our employees with all their different points of view.

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