Innovation 23.12.2022 2 Min.
BMW Group partners with AirConsole to bring casual gaming to vehicles.

AirConsole and the BMW Group have entered into a partnership that will bring casual gaming to new BMW vehicles starting next year. AirConsole is a gaming platform that perfectly matches the BMW Curved Display and offers a vast and diverse selection of games. Implemented in the vehicle's entertainment system, AirConsole technology allows games to be instantly streamed over-the-air and controlled via smartphones.

Waiting situations turned entertainement

"With AirConsole, we will use innovative technologies combined with a wide range of fun and multiplayer games. This will turn any waiting situation in the vehicle, such as charging, into an entertaining moment," said Stephan Durach - Senior Vice President BMW Group Connected Company Development.

Anthony Cliquot, CEO of N-Dream, the company behind the AirConsole brand, said, "We are very proud to partner with BMW to spur the development of in-vehicle games and look forward to developing new games for in-vehicle entertainment. Our sophisticated architecture combined with the ease of accessibility of our platform will change the way people are entertained in their vehicles."

Smartphone + screen = console

Setting up the gaming experience with AirConsole is seamless. Players only need a smartphone, which serves as the game controller, and the BMW Curved Display. The connection between the smartphone and the vehicle is established by scanning a QR code in the vehicle. Players can then immediately enjoy entertaining gameplay.

The BMW Group has selected AirConsole as a partner in the BMW Startup Garage program.


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