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Electromobility 09.07.2019 3 Min.

At the BMW Group, we take responsibility for future generations. We’re investing in future technologies that will help solve significant challenges facing society: as part of this process, the new fully electrically powered MINI Cooper SE is another contribution by the BMW Group to improving the quality of life. Find out where we stand as a company on electromobility and why the fully electrically powered MINI is the right car to tackle the challenges facing society today.

Elektrischer MINI


MINI has always been about solutions.

The BMW Group’s MINI brand has always been about solutions – MINI was created to provide an answer to the mobility challenges of its time. Now it is once again delivering timely and innovative solutions with the fully electrically powered MINI Cooper SE.This vehicle is a pioneering impulse for urban mobility, putting the electrically powered driving experience right where it can have a lasting impact: in the city. This is because it avoids exhaust emissions and noise in the urban environment.

The BMW Group carried out its first major electromobility field test as long ago as 2009 – with a trial fleet of 600 fully electric MINI. The next stop on the way to MINI Electric was the MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4. Since 2017, this plug-in hybrid model has combined the MINI electric vision with a classic combustion engine. Now our company is launching the first ever fully electrically powered MINI Cooper SE on the market. This is the BMW Group’s logical response – through the MINI brand – to the challenges facing cities, offering the right products for the urban target group. 

Elektrischer MINI mit Elektroscootern


Electrification has multiple facets.

The BMW Group recognised the importance of sustainable mobility very early on and became a pioneer with the fully electric BMW i3 in 2013. Since then, we have been consistently expanding our range: With the launch of the new MINI Cooper SE we’re able to offer our customers purely battery-powered mobility in three of the Group’s brands – after all, BMW Motorrad has battery-powered vehicles in its range, too: the C evolution and the X2City. Our approach is to focus on both fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles so as to be able to meet diverse customer needs. The BMW Group currently offers the broadest range of electrified vehicles: From our BMW 2 Series and the MINI Countryman S E ALL4 right through to our BMW 7 Series. We have the right model with the preferred drivetrain for every customer in every segment – and in every region of the world, too. Plug-in hybrids – as well as fully electrically powered vehicles – can make a very real and positive contribution to reducing emissions. They provide a fast way of improving air quality in urban areas.

MINI Electric, BMW i3, C evolution


We’re are the driving force behind premium electric mobility. 

The BMW Group’s goal is clear-cut: we want to be the driving force behind premium electric mobility.
Our strategy is proving successful: last year we sold more electrically powered vehicles in Europe than anyone else. At the end of 2019 we will have over half a million electrified vehicles on the road. And we continue to step up the pace: By as soon as 2023 we will be offering 25 electrified models – two years earlier than originally planned. Next year customers can look forward to the BMW iX3. And 2021 will be a truly phenomenal year for the BMW Group – with the launch of the BMW i4 and our new technology flagship, the iNEXT.

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