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Tomorrow’s mobility can already be experienced today, in Las Vegas: From 8 to 11 January 2019, the BMW Group will be presenting its visions for intelligent connectivity at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The central element of the exhibition area is the BMW Vision iNEXT. Thanks to audio-visual installations, VR technology and an outdoor off-road circuit, visitors will be able to discover the BMW Group’s visions for themselves in the Nevada desert.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – a showcase for the industry’s latest developments – has been held annually in Las Vegas since 1998. Once again this year, the BMW Group is presenting its latest innovations and technological masterpieces – including the BMW Vision iNEXT, a car that redefines sheer driving pleasure and makes autonomous technology a reality. In a mixed-reality presentation that guides visitors through the exhibition, the BMW Group provides a glimpse of the mobility experience of the future.

Visitors arriving at the stand are greeted by the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, which guides them through the exhibition. The adaptive digital companion is already available in vehicles like the new BMW 3 Series and the new BMW X5, and will also help BMW Vision iNEXT drivers achieve ideal interaction between the vehicle and their digital needs. In keeping with the basic design principle of “My Favourite Space”, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere inside the vehicle is paramount. Thanks to an Arcadian landscape of paths winding through the entrance area, the exhibition creates a relaxed overall impression that emphasises the quality of life enjoyed with all the senses in the BMW Vision iNEXT. Sound installations and light projections immerse the visitor in the vehicle’s world of experience. The entire exhibition area is fitted with the same out-of-sight “Shy Tech” used in the BMW Vision iNEXT – enabling a haptic experience of the car’s innovations. Just like in the vehicle, the technology only becomes visible and operable when the visitor interacts with surfaces within the exhibition. The interactive path leads to the heart of the exhibition, the BMW Vision iNEXT, where an impressive show demonstrates the car’s innovative technology and benefits: Alternating between day and night, the visitor can observe how the vehicle transforms itself at different times of the day.    

Messeaufbau CES


But that’s not all: Using virtual reality glasses, the public can also catch a first glimpse of the future and take a virtual drive in the BMW Vision iNEXT. Driving through the streets of Shanghai, the vehicle’s technical benefits soon become clear: “Ease” and “Boost” modes allow the driver to choose whether they want to drive themselves, or be driven. This unique experience demonstrates the advantages of the latest technical innovations. Whether for relaxation, social interaction or for work – in the fully connected, highly autonomous BMW Vision iNEXT, the plan for the day can be modified to accommodate the driver’s or passengers’ needs at any time.

VR Goggles
VR landscape as being seen from the cockpit of a car


In the outdoor areas of the CES, visitors can check out further BMW Group innovations – for example, on a drive through the grounds in the new BMW X7. A challenging off-road course showcases the unique handling of the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV).

Another outdoor highlight is the self-riding BMW R 1200 GS. This autonomous motorcycle is not only able to start and accelerate by itself, but can also slow down to perform cornering manoeuvres. The bike uses intelligent technology to calculate the ideal line and braking point for perfect cornering. This helps the rider improve their skills and optimises road safety.

BMW Motorcycle


At the CES 2019, the BMW Group is not only revealing what future mobility might look like, but also providing a glimpse of what is already possible in the fields of autonomous driving, electrification, innovative design and connectivity – areas that will have a lasting impact on the future of mobility.

Those unable to visit the BMW Group at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in person had the opportunity to ask BMW Group experts questions via social media. 

Some answers direct from Las Vegas can be found here.

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