Synthetic graphite

Synthetic graphite.

Areas of application in the automotive industry.

  • Main areas of application: Anode in the battery (high-voltage storage, low-voltage storage)

The BMW Group systematically analyzes globally known and typical risks in connection with the extraction and processing of raw materials and derives appropriate measures.

Analyzing risks.

  • Environmental impact of the oil and coal industry
  • CO2-emissions and energy consumption due to further processing of the fossil raw material and production of the anode material
  • Environmental impact of mining residues on water, soil and air
  • Corruption and weak rule of law

Catalog of measures.

  • Creating supply chain transparency: raising awareness among suppliers through direct contact
  • Information and education with the aim of improving traceability and making supply chains more sustainable and secure


  • Battery Pass consortium: collaboration on the development of a battery passport based on the new EU Battery Regulation
  • Membership of the Global Battery Alliance: establishing a sustainable and responsible value chain for batteries