Platinum group metals

Platinum group metals (PGM).

Areas of application in the automotive industry.

  • Main areas of application: Exhaust gas catalytic converters
  • Other areas of application: Spark plugs, electronics, fuel cells for hydrogen-powered vehicles

The BMW Group systematically analyzes globally known and typical risks in connection with the extraction and processing of raw materials and derives appropriate measures. 

Analyzing risks.

  • CO2-emissions, especially in mining
  • Environmental impact on natural cycles, e.g. soil acidification and fresh water eutrophication, due to leaks or improper disposal of mining residues, e.g. tailings
  • Risk of occupational health and safety violations and working conditions in direct mining, e.g. occupational accidents
  • Endangering the rights of local communities
  • Local health hazards due to dust and sulphur dioxides

Catalog of measures.

  • Increasing the proportion of recycling and the associated reduction in CO2-emissions
  • Continuous screening of current and future suppliers regarding certification status (e.g. IRMA and LPPM) and audits carried out
  • Transparency in the supply chain through analyses and queries to direct suppliers