All-electric, digital and distinctive.
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All-electric, digital and distinctive.

The new MINI family offers hallmark MINI driving fun with an all-electric drivetrain and an immersive digital user experience.


We talk about “a new era” when what had existed until now changes fundamentally. In the world of MINI, the new model family marks the beginning of a new era. It is electric and digital. A new operating system, over-the-air software upgrades, and a full-fledged voice assistant: the state-of-the-art technology package, based on the know-how of the BMW Group in the area of software development, enables digital innovation on a new level.

On the path towards an all-electric model range by 2030, the MINI Cooper Electric and MINI Countryman Electric models are taking their place at the start line. “The continued high demand for our locally emission-free vehicles confirms our path to a fully electric future. It demonstrates the openness of our global MINI community to electric mobility, and I am confident that the new generation of MINI models will inspire even more people,” explains Stefanie Wurst, head of the MINI brand.

The original reinvented: the new MINI Cooper Electric

The classic round headlights and the octagonal grille form the characteristic face of the MINI Cooper. All variations of the all-electric MINI Cooper feature seats in high-quality Vescin artificial leather, while all textiles and yarns for the seat, knitted surfaces, vehicle headliner, and floor are made from recycled materials. Within the new MINI family, “Cooper” is no longer used as an engine specification but refers to all MINI 3-door and 5-door models, and also the MINI Convertible. In the fifth model generation, the core of the brand is still embodied by the MINI 3-door, consistently geared towards urban driving fun. Typical MINI. As an all-electric MINI Cooper SE, the new MINI offers an output of 160 kW/218 hp and a range of 402 kilometres determined in the WLTP test cycle.



Made in Germany: the new MINI Countryman

The new MINI Countryman is the first MINI “Made in Germany”. Starting at the end of the year, it will be built at the BMW Group Plant in Leipzig and thus benefit from the sustainability strategy of the BMW Group: The plant in Leipzig is one of the most modern and sustainable automotive factories in the world. As the company’s pilot project for establishing a “green plant”, a long-term, sustainable strategy for energy generation and consumption comes into play here. The high-voltage batteries for the all-electric MINI Countryman come from the plant’s own production facilities. The BMW Group at the Leipzig location is expanding on-site e-component production capacity by eight production lines by 2024 and investing more than 800 million euros.

The especially flat high-voltage batteries save space, which will allow the MINI Countryman Electric to offer even more room and comfort in the future. Wider wheel arches enhance the crossover aesthetic appeal. The new Matrix taillights stand upright, while the body tapers below the model lettering and, together with the striking all-round vehicle band in black, emphasises the enhanced presence of the new MINI Countryman.

The first all-electric MINI Countryman captivates not only with a transparent environmental balance, but also with its range: the range determined according to the WLTP test cycle is up to 462 kilometres for the MINI Countryman E and up to 433 kilometres for the four-wheel-drive MINI Countryman SE ALL4.



“Charismatic simplicity” says everything about the design

Since the relaunch of the MINI at the turn of the millennium, the brand has reinvented itself time and time again. “Charismatic simplicity”, the design language of the new MINI family, reduces the vehicle design to the essentials. The visual three-part division into the vehicle body, the surrounding window area, and the contrasting roof ensures the instant recognisability of every new MINI. The defined shoulder area gives the vehicle body a decidedly athletic look. The minimalistic design continues in the interior. The new, compact multifunction steering wheel delivers a tangible go-kart feeling. The front cabin has an elegant appearance, the new dashboard is slimly and generously designed. The textile surfaces are eye-catching – with a two-colour design and made of recycled materials in a special knitting process. The tried-and-true toggle bar, reduced to five switches, remains analogue. Everything else is now digital.

MINI has arrived in the digital age

At the centre of the new MINI models is the unique round OLED display – the first central instrument of its kind that has ever been inserted into an automobile of this class. The user-friendly MINI Interaction Unit sets a new standard with its extremely high resolution and 240-millimetre diameter. By saying the words “Hey MINI”, the new MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant is activated. It can, for example, turn on the cloud-based navigation system or adjust the temperature by voice control. The new MINI Operating System 9, which is optimised for touch and voice control, achieves a palpable technological leap. Up to eight different MINI Experience Modes with various light and sound animations provide an individual and immersive experience. Thanks to over-the-air software upgrades, the vehicles remain up to date. And, with the MINI Digital Key Plus, one’s own smartphone becomes a digital car key. Here, you can read more about the digital highlights.

The new model family is leaping into a new digital and electric era. The result is typical MINI.



MINI Cooper SE (electricity consumption combined: 15.03 – 14.09 kWh/100 km according to WLTP; CO2 emissions combined: 0 g/km).

MINI Countryman SE ALL4 (electricity consumption combined: 18.5 – 17.0 kWh/100 km according to WLTP; CO2 emissions combined: 0 g/km).

*All specified technical data are preliminary.

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