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Electromobility 27.06.2019 4 Min.

The BMW Group has already established itself as a pioneer of electromobility. With the BMW i3 and BMW i8 along with a wide range of plug-in hybrid models, the BMW Group has the broadest programme of electrically powered vehicles among the competitive field. What is more, the BMW Group is now also focussing on electrifying additional models, thereby highlighting the importance of remaining open in the choice of technologies along the way to achieving sustainable mobility.

The plug-in hybrid versions of the BMW 3 Series, BMW 7 Series, BMW X5 models and the new BMW X3 were already presented at this year's Geneva Motor Show – revised and now offering an extended electrically powered range. And there’s more to come: Within two years BMW Group will offer five fully-electric series-production vehicles. Alongside the BMW i3, with more than 150,000 units built to date, production of the fully electric MINI is due to start this year at the Oxford plant. This will be followed in 2020 by the fully electric BMW iX3, built at the plant in Shenyang, China, and one year later by the BMW iNEXT, which will be produced in Dingolfing. The BMW i4 from the Munich plant is also due to go on the market in 2021.

Harald Krüger

We are moving up a gear in the transformation towards sustainable mobility, thereby making our company fit for the future: Over the past two years, we have consistently taken numerous decisions that we are now bringing to the roads. By 2021, we will have doubled our sales of electrified vehicles compared with 2019. We will offer 25 electrified vehicles already in 2023 – two years earlier than originally planned. We expect to see a steep growth curve towards 2025: Sales of our electrified vehicles should increase by an average of 30 percent every year.

Harald Krüger


The serial production launch of the BMW eDrive Zones will also enhance the role of the plug-in hybrid models. This novel operating strategy constitutes a significant additional boost in terms of the potential of plug-in hybrid vehicles to reduce emissions. Using geo-fencing technology, vehicles will be capable of automatically identifying environmental zones in which only zero-emissions driving is permitted and will switch to purely electric power on entry into such a zone. This will enable emissions-free mobility.

And the BMW Group is going one step further, too: as part of its communication platform #NEXTGen, the BMW brand will be showcasing its future vision in the form of a strikingly designed electrically powered sports car – the BMW Vision M Next. But once again, the focus will on the driver – who will be given ultimate driving potential due to the use of intelligent technology. Another look ahead to the future is provided by the BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster. With its alternative drive and iconic look, this motorcycle presents a whole new dimension of riding fun.

BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster


BMW Group is using its #NEXTGen platform to focus directly on the latest developments in the area of electrification and future mobility, presenting these topics to a broad public. #NEXTGen is future-oriented and enables the BMW Group to expand its global involvement at international motor shows as well as tech and future fairs with the addition of a regular, self-contained platform dedicated to individual mobility.

The BMW Group’s vision is clearly defined: the aim is to take on social responsibility through sustainability mobility that is produced in a sustainable manner.

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