Telematics data: Telematics data refers to vehicle data generated in the vehicle and transferred to the BMW ConnectedDrive server via the permanently installed SIM card for the provision of various services.

Personal data: Data with direct and indirect personal identifiers (e.g. customer number with customer data, vehicle identification number, license plate).

Non-personal data: Data that cannot be directly or indirectly assigned to a specific person.

Pseudonymised data: Personal identifiers such as customer number, vehicle identification number or licence plate are replaced by pseudonyms (cryptographic keys). Data may be assigned to a specific case or vehicle at pseudonym level, but not directly to a specific person (example: vehicle analysis).

Anonymised data: Personal data is modified so it can no longer be assigned to a person or a vehicle (for example, aggregated data on the charging process).

Extended Vehicle according to ISO Standard 20078: The ISO Extended Vehicle project comprises several series of standards relating to the properties of web-based data exchange platforms. The ISO 20078 series of standards defines the requirements for the web interface with regard to access, data content, security and access control. (Source: VDA)

VDA: The German Association of the Automotive industry (VDA) is the joint interest group of the German automobile manufacturers and suppliers.

ACEA: ACEA refers to the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association.