BMW i models are loaded onto ship
Sustainability 25.02.2020 2 Min.

The “Getting to Zero Coalition” aims to bring CO2 emissions from transport vessels all the way down to “zero”. The BMW Group is the first vehicle manufacturer worldwide to join the initiative.

More than nine billion tonnes of goods are transported by sea every year: That’s around 80 percent of deliveries worldwide – making sea transportation the most important route for international freight traffic. It is hardly surprising, then, that around three percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions come from sea transport – with a strong upward trend. “Transport by sea is essential for the BMW Group to supply our international production network and distribute our vehicles worldwide,” emphasises Jürgen Maidl, responsible for Production Network and Logistics at the BMW Group.

CO2 from shipping still accounts for 50 percent of the BMW Group's transport chain emissions. That needs to change – and it will. The BMW Group has taken on a leading role through its voluntary commitment to further reduce CO2 emissions throughout the entire value chain: This also applies to the shipping sector.

At the 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 25) in Madrid, the company therefore joined the international “Getting to Zero Coalition”. The aim of the initiative is to deploy “zero-emission” ships for the transport of goods from 2030 on. Governments, companies and cross-sectoral stakeholders are working together to achieve this.

“We see the ‘Getting to Zero Coalition’ as a unique opportunity to continuously minimise CO2 emissions in the maritime sector, as well,” says Maidl. “We are happy to be the first automotive manufacturer to join the coalition and make a commitment to more sustainability.”

Working with the “Getting to Zero Coalition”, the BMW Group aims to eliminate CO2 emissions altogether in the long run – by using carbon-free fuels and new drive systems, as well as optimising energy efficiency. Systematic decarbonisation of logistics remains a priority within the company: In addition to its sustainability strategy for the entire value chain, the BMW Group’s holistic approach also includes resource-efficient production at the company’s plants worldwide and further development of electromobility.

It is no coincidence that the BMW Group announced its commitment at the COP 25 last December: The United Nations Climate Change Conferences and BMW Group commitment share a long tradition. The BMW Group has participated in the Conferences on a regular basis, sharing its ideas and professional expertise in sustainable development.

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