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Sustainability 25.09.2020 1 Min.

BMW Brilliance Automotive presents its “BMW Brilliance Sustainability Report 2019”. The report shows that commercial success and sustainable production processes do not rule each other out.

With the top position on the Automotive Enterprise Green Development Index, which rates the sustainable development of the Chinese automotive industry, the “National Green Plant” award and a reduction of carbon emissions by 65 per cent from the production plant in Shenyang, BMW Brilliance Automotive remains in the fast lane towards more sustainability. Recent figures from the latest sustainability report published by the joint venture, which was established in 2003 by BMW and Brilliance China Automotive Holdings, highlight this development.

The “BMW Brilliance Sustainability Report 2019” lists a series of impressive achievements by the company in the area of sustainability. This includes, for example, the switch of the Shenyang production site to 100 per cent green electricity from wind and solar generation. Or the recycling of 125,000 individual components with a total weight of almost 600 tonnes. Or a reduction of emissions from the production processes by more than 110,000 tonnes. Or a 20 per cent decrease of emissions along the supply chain.

At the same time, the report shows a significant increase in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. BMW Brilliance has helped almost 2.7 million people to lead safer and better lives. Volunteers are teaching road safety skills in the „BMW Children's Traffic Safety Education" initiative. And „BMW JOY Home" supports children and young people who have been separated from their parents in developing greater self-esteem by participating in sports. BMW Brilliance was also honored with the UN Global Compact’s 2019 Best Enterprise Practices for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Dr. Johann Wieland, President and CEO of BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. emphasises: “We believe that a company can only be successful and resilient if it helps create a sustainable future and makes the world a better place. We are thus focusing more than ever on how we can shape the economic, social and ecological landscape of the future through our actions.”

BMW Brilliance will thus continue to expand electric mobility. In the past year alone, the wholesale volume of plug-in electric vehicles (new energy vehicles, NEVs) has risen rapidly. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, BMW NEV sales in China increased by almost 50 per cent in the first six months of 2020. And, as of the end of last year, BMW Brilliance was already able to offer its customers more than 130,000 public charging stations in over 200 Chinese towns and cities. By the end of this year, the owners of electric BMWs will even have access to over 270,000 charging stations along Chinese motorways. BMW will then be able to offer emission-free, long-range car travel on more than 50,000 kilometres of motorways across China.

A free download of the latest BMW Brilliance Sustainability Report is available here.

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