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Sustainability 31.12.2019 2 Min.

The BMW Group is one of the most desirable companies for young specialists in nearly every ranking. This time, it has also been honoured with a special award as the “most attractive employer of the past 20 years.”

People like to talk about a company's employees as the “engine of success”. This is a good analogy – but ignores the fact that every “engine” also needs an environment where its energy can be used to the best possible advantage. This includes things like corporate culture and career opportunities for all employees.

The BMW Group has now once again been recognised for its “working environment”, as well as winning the special award “Top Employer of the Past 20 Years” from the renowned Trendence Institute in Berlin. Up to 55,000 science, engineering and IT graduates were asked which employers they would most like to work for: In 19 out of the past 20 years, the BMW Group was the number-one choice. “Any company that achieves such good marks over two decades must be doing a lot of things right in their recruitment,” says Trendence Managing Director Robindro Ullah.

The BMW Group also topped other employer rankings, such as the 2018 Universum Young Professional Survey of business and engineering students, and was the most popular vehicle manufacturer among IT specialists. The BMW Group also ranks as one of the top automotive companies for applicants globally.

Oliver Ferschke, head of HR Marketing and Employer Branding BMW Group attributes much of this success to two factors: “On the one hand, we are working hard to develop products and services for the sustainable mobility of the future. On the other, we have a unique corporate culture based on trust and responsibility.” Employees are generally responsible for their own projects and the BMW Group gives them the freedom they need for this.

But there’s another factor whose impact is much harder to quantify: the company’s broad understanding of sustainability. “Applicants naturally gather a lot of information about our company and know that environmental and social commitment are an integral part of who we are,” says Ferschke. He adds: “Skilled workers who apply to a car company or anywhere else are not just looking for a job; they want to do something they feel is meaningful.” The sustainability the BMW Group offers is an important aspect of this.

“But it’s also really important that our commitment is not just for a one-time effect,” underlines Ferschke. Continuity really matters. That the BMW Group, with its work-life balance, variety of different roles and staff development, has now once again been recognised as a top employer validates this belief. That is why Ferschke hopes to celebrate another milestone in ten years’ time: “Top employer of the past 30 years.”

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