No matter how well you know your fleet – you’ll soon know it even better.

The more you know about your fleet, the more productive your decision-making will be. By means of our dashboard designed specifically for fleet managers or access via API, the relevant data is available to you – e.g. mileage figures or information on service requirements. The dashboard is intuitive and user-friendly in terms of operation. You receive automated messages in case of specific events.

Here’s why you should know the data on your fleet.

Here’s how you benefit from FLEET TRANSPARENCY.

The benefits of FLEET TRANSPARENCY for fleet managers.


  • Monitor and manage the state of your fleet 
  • View evaluations on fleet utilization 
  • Monitor fleet state with regard to service & maintenance as well as with regard to future fleet maintenance intervals
The benefits of FLEET TRANSPARENCY for owners.


  • Monitor vehicle miles traveled/state of your fleet
  • Use digital fleet audits
  • Plan resales 
The benefits of FLEET TRANSPARENCY for users.


  • View personal charging and driving behavior 
  • Receive reminders regarding service intervals or mileage exceedance and other important events
The dashboard of a BMW.


Keep track of mileage figures for any action required on your part for contract management and proactive structuring of service and repair cycles.

Vehicle state and consumption.

Receive detailed information, e.g. regarding oil level, tank filling level, charging state and brake fluid. In addition, for your vehicles, you see the corresponding average consumption figures and, in the case of PHEVs, what proportion of driving is electric.

A BMW is electrically charged.
A BMW is parked in a parking lot.

Optional: Geoposition.

In case of theft, you can locate your vehicle via geopositioning.

BMW's digital fleet manager on one screen.


Release the potential of your fleet – with our solutions which provide you with all the relevant data on your car pool.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Fleet data is available for all BMW and MINI vehicles built after July 2018. We offer interested customers a VIN-based assessment. The findings show you which vehicles of your fleet meet the technical requirements. 

Likewise, our keyless vehicle access is available for practically all models of BMW and MINI – from BMW 1 all the way to BMW 7, incl. BMW X models. In part, they ship directly from the plant equipped with the corresponding technology. This means that no retrofitting is required. 

On request, it will soon be possible to equip vehicles of other makes with an external telematics unit.

With us, you get everything from a single source: By processing fleet data, you can adhere better to service intervals and monitor the status of the fleet. 

Using personalized and automated messages sent to the car, you can draw drivers’ attention to certain events, e.g. service requirements or contract expiration.

In the case of pool car-sharing, employees can reserve vehicles precise to the minute using an app. 

An app is used for opening, starting and locking the reserved vehicle without a key. Personally assigned vehicles can also be used keylessly via smartphone and can thus be shared with coworkers and family, for example.

You have access to a multitude of data, e.g. mileage, battery status, service status, state of the vehicle via check/control notifications and much more. In this way, you know the state of your fleet at any point in time. We’d be pleased to send you a list of the details.

As a fleet operator, you are generally required to inform your drivers (e.g. in your terms and conditions of use) that specific vehicle and telematics data is collected and used for the purpose of fleet management. The details are to be coordinated with your data protection officer.

The vertically integrated BMW telematics solution, an in-house development, is installed in the plant and can be activated and deactivated over the air. A virtual key is the basis for this. Access to the vehicle is via mobile service or BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and can therefore also be used to a certain extent in locations that don’t have mobile connectivity, e.g. underground car parks. The prerequisite for use is any smartphone.

Our cost models are dependent on the scope of the components selected. If you’re interested, we would be very happy to analyze your requirements and provide you with an individual quotation. Request now!

For BMW and MINI vehicles, we obtain the data directly from the vehicle, without having to retrofit it with any external equipment. But we work with partners who make it possible to also use vehicles of other makes. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

In response to social change, the BMW Group developed the strategy “NUMBER ONE > NEXT”, which attributes growing strategic and economic significance to mobility and energy services. With regard to the further development of mobility and energy services, we’d most of all like to provide you, our customer, with added value. The basis for energy services, whose development we are in the course of planning, is the fact that electric vehicles will also be part of the power grid in the future.

If you want to be one or even two steps ahead: Our extended packages.

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