A fleet of different BMW models is parked in front of a building.

Profit today from the technologies of tomorrow.

The right solutions for your premium fleet management.

How well, how fast and how efficiently you master a task depends a lot on the solutions you use to do so. Become acquainted with our technologies that help you get the best out of your car pool, that make your work easier and that guarantee your employees a top-quality user experience. 

A consultation on financing.

Vehicle procurement and vehicle financing.

You simply procure your vehicles the way you normally do through your usual contact partner. Before you place the order, we check the suitability of the vehicles for the digitalization of your fleet for you and help you initiate the necessary steps.

BMW's digital fleet manager on one screen.

Fleet data.

You optimize the management of your fleet with the fleet data. You have all the relevant information in view – from mileage figures and upcoming service requirements all the way to average consumption levels. 

A laptop shows the status of the fleet.

Car pool management.

Numerous functions support you in the control of your fleet: Vehicle overview, reports with booking statistics, usage administration, trip management and many other practical tools. 

A BMW is opened via app.

Keyless vehicle access.

The driver doesn’t need a key to use the vehicle. Following the booking in an app via the driver’s personal smartphone, the driver receives a digital key which will open, start and lock the vehicle.

A smartphone displays any damage to the vehicle.

Digital fleet management.

Save time and costs for claims settlements for your vehicles. The driver simply documents the damage via smartphone using the app. You are automatically sent the information and can order the corresponding repair work.

A woman performs a digital driver's license check.

Digital driver’s license verification.

Complete driver’s license verification electronically and comply with applicable provisions properly and efficiently. Thanks to practical biometric selfie technology, you can ascertain the identity of the driver quickly and securely. 

A woman operates a laptop.

Digital vehicle log.

The digital vehicle log completes tasks for you and saves you a considerable amount of written and organizational work. For example, it records information completely automatically that you require for documentation vis-à-vis the tax authorities, or helps you calculate meal allowances. 

A cell phone with the Digital Fleet Solutions app open.

Multimodal app.

Just one single intuitive app consolidates all mobility offerings for your employees: It enables the integration of local public transit, bicycles, car-sharing and more – in addition to company-specific forms of mobility such as pool vehicles and shuttle buses. In this way, you motivate employees to choose a sustainable form of mobility.

A man lends out his company car.

Company vehicle-sharing.

Your employees have the option of sharing their vehicle with coworkers. All participants have an overview of their bookings at all times since these are managed in real time via smartphone using a calendar. 

A BMW call center employee in a consultation.


In case of any questions regarding our technologies, expert support is available – completely tailored. In addition, we offer individual training courses for you and your coworkers and are happy to provide you with learning materials.

A BMW owner gets advice.


You can also count on our support during running operations. For instance, for the selection of service providers, for training your service providers or if there are any questions in connection with optimizing your internal processes. Our tools are subject to continuous further development. 

The main building of the BMW Group.

Many years of experience.

The BMW Group looks back on ten years of experience in the area of digital and innovative fleet technology. As a company, you profit from our experience in product development, support and customer service.

Use BMW's digital fleet management to your advantage.

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