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‘DIGITAL FLEET SOLUTION’ from BMW: One objective, innumerable advantages.

Simple. Flexible. And always a step ahead.

All of our customers have the same objective: Fleet management that is as successful as possible. There are various ways of achieving this objective. Or you simply take the shortcut: DIGITAL FLEET SOLUTION from BMW. Discover the many advantages of our digital tools, which not only make your day-to-day work easier, but also boost the quality and efficiency of your car pool more than ever before.

Good reasons for digitalizing your fleet

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The digital fleet manager can help with TCM optimization.
The digital fleet manager stands for efficient fleet control.
The digital fleet manager can increase employee satisfaction.

There’s a suitable solution for every challenge. Find out for yourself.

A driver at the wheel of her BMW.

The setup. Simple and fast.

Our components can be used flexibly and quickly. Within just a few days, you’ll be starting with initial data evaluations and profiting from fleet transparency as a basis for further measures.

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Modern hardware and software ensure a high-quality product experience.

Secure and reliable all round.

The BMW-Group-certified hardware, modular software and regular updates speak for themselves. With our solution, you are securely underway and always a step ahead. From the setup of your digital fleet and simple usability all the way to excellent customer support: We guarantee you a top-quality product experience.

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We take care.

You have our word: Based on an initial assessment of your fleet utilization, we help you define appropriate measures – aligned to suit your individual targets. Let’s shape the path to a fully efficient fleet together.

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Flexible packages. Extensible at any time.

Our offering is modular and structured so that it builds on what has gone before, because there’s one thing we know: The opportunities that present themselves to you in terms of fleet digitalization are many. We’ve got just the right offering, independent of your current level of digitalization.

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Here’s what our experts say.

Our digital fleet solution makes it considerably easier for users to hand over vehicles. In addition, they get much better cost transparency.

Sustainability is an important topic for many companies. The digital fleet solutions from the BMW Group contribute significantly towards reaching the target of climate neutrality.

With the digital fleet solutions from the BMW Group, fleet managers can decrease the time spent on car pool administration.

Your employees will be inspired by the innovative advantages and uncomplicated services that the BMW Group solution inherently brings.

Want to know where your pool vehicles are at all times? Now, you’ve got the perfect overview and can also make the vehicles available keylessly at any time.

The right package for any requirements.

Do you want a lot? Do you want more? Or do you want everything? Our solutions adapt to suit your requirements and build on one another. As soon as you have gotten to know your fleet with our data analysis, we offer you extensions that you can use to make your fleet management even more efficient.

Visualization of parcel volumes from Digital Fleet Solutions.


Get complete transparency about your fleet. Use our automated monitoring and take action as required when the KPIs you’ve defined are exceeded.

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Manage your fleet efficiently. Offer your employees keyless service and much more.

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Benefit from our comprehensive full-service package, from keyless vehicle access all the way to fleet operation at your premises.

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Win-win-win situation: The many advantages of ‘DIGITAL FLEET SOLUTION’.

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Avoid fines.

Avoid incurring fines that have to be paid to the fleet owner. By always having an overview of the vehicles’ mileage figures, for instance, you’ll also see where limits are about to be exceeded.

BMW's digital fleet manager can increase your efficiency.

Efficient and keyless.

You receive regular evaluations on the use of your fleet vehicles. This allows you to use the vehicles as efficiently as possible and sell off any ones that aren’t needed. Moreover, via the pool vehicle app, you offer users keyless vehicle access. 

BMW's digital fleet manager enables the outsourcing of individual services.

Save costs by outsourcing.

Using DIGITAL FLEET SOLUTION, you can outsource individual elements of fleet management to BMW partners. From maintenance of the vehicles and the service hotline all the way to claims management. This not only saves you work but, most importantly, also costs.

A mechanic checks the quality of the paint on a BMW.

Regular service.

You’ll receive automatic reminders about important events such as outstanding service appointments so that you won’t miss a single one again. 

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Digitalized handovers.

Contactlessly hand over your fleet vehicles to the users. With a digital key, handovers no longer need to be in person. 

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Value retention.

With DIGITAL FLEET SOLUTION you can monitor the state of your fleet in real time. In addition, preventive maintenance and diagnostics data is available. You always know when your vehicles will be needing the next service appointment, and maximize the value retention of the vehicles.

A woman checks her driving data on her smartphone.

Electric operation.

A high level of sustainability in mobility is more important to users than ever. The data collected provides you with an overview at all times of what the proportion of overall driving is electric. 

A woman stands in front of her BMW and holds a smartphone in her hand.

All-round care.

Your users appreciate it when they feel they’re being taken care of all round. Our intuitive state-of-the-art mobility app (iOS, Android) makes it possible, e.g. simplifying the booking of pool vehicles or company vehicle-sharing. 

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Our solutions guarantee that your users need to pay as little attention as possible to service appointments and vehicle maintenance. 

Nutzen Sie das digitale Flottenmanagement von BMW zu Ihrem Vorteil.

For all those who want to perfect their company’s mobility.