Next Level Digitalisation

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2023, the BMW Group presented its future vision for the digital experience inside and outside the car – the BMW i Vision Dee. Which innovations will take our driving experience to the next level? Dee explains it to us personally.

Their relationship with their car has always been an integral part of the lives of many BMW drivers. I want to use my digital skills to take this connection to the next level and provide an immersive, innovative and intuitive driving experience.

Who am I? I am Dee.

Dee as in Digital Emotional Experience. I’ll show you how closely technology and driving pleasure will be linked in the future. Let’s get started!


The future of the BMW Group is electric, digital and circular. With my digital innovations, I embody the digital aspect of this triad. This makes me a real milestone on the road to the BMW Group’s next product generation, the NEUE KLASSE.

I already use my digital features at my initial greeting, and recognise you as you approach the car. For instance, I can welcome you personally with graphic elements and light and sound effects – and even project an image of you in the form of an avatar on the side window.

No matter where we’re going, I can change my appearance at any time depending on the occasion and your preferences. I’ll be the colour of your favourite shirt in the morning, I’m cool and white in the midday sun, and I’ll adopt your favourite team’s colours on the way to the stadium in the evening. I manage this with E Ink technology: my skin is covered in a special ePaper film and divided into 240 segments. This allows me to adopt an almost unlimited number of unique, multicoloured patterns in a matter of seconds.

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