Areas of application automotive industry.

  • Main areas of application: car paintwork, high-voltage batteries (housing), body (droning insulation)
  • Minutes quantities: reinforcement films, insulating mats, mica seals, vehicle electronics (insulation), surface coating

Raw-material-specific risks.

  • Human rights abuses in artisanal mining
  • Child labour 
  • Violation of labour rights
  • Corruption
  • Trade with material from illegal mines

Measures taken by the BMW Group.

  • Comprehensive risk assessment carried out and critical mining countries and regions identified for the above risks – for example, India and Madagascar.
  • Supply chain transparency through targeted analyses and surveys of direct suppliers of products with high mica content, such as paint, high-voltage batteries, body (droning insulation), sprayable insulating mats, mica seals.
  • Enabling of direct suppliers in the tendering process, with an active request for them to join the Responsible Mica Initiative and/or Responsible Minerals Initiative.
  • Identification of suppliers processing raw materials (mica processors); obtain certification and plan audits as required by the Global Workplace Responsible Sourcing, Environmental, Health & Safety, Due Diligence Standard for Mica Processors of the Responsible Mica Initiative and Responsible Minerals Initiative.