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One World München
BMW Group Dialogue: Collaborations

BMW Group Dialogue: Collaborations.

We keep our finger on the pulse with our “One Young World” and “DLD” formats for collaboration and idea-sharing with stakeholders worldwide, across all generations and sectors. We continue to learn through ongoing, intensive dialogue with companies, NGOs, academics and policymakers in our core markets of the Americas, Europe and Asia. This enables us to gear our corporate objectives more towards the needs and expectations of a global society. 



One Young World - Prople with countries' flags

The idea.

Facing global challenges together and creating lasting, worldwide connections is the central idea behind One Young World (OYW), which was founded in 2009 as a charitable organisation by David Jones and Kate Robertson in the UK. Since then, OYW has gone from success to success and expanded considerably over the years. Today, thousands of young talents from companies, NGOs and universities around the globe gather at the annual summit to debate and rethink issues such as education, social projects, climate and environmental protection and to expand their networks. Imagining and actively shaping a new kind of future is the aim of the One Young World Summit, built on a foundation of collective social engagement.

Shared Commitment.

Imagining and actively shaping a new kind of future is not only the guiding principle of the One Young World organisation, but also firmly anchored in the BMW Group’s consciousness. The company takes its responsibility for society and the environment seriously and makes commitment in these areas a priority. The BMW Group supports its employees in shaping their own future, with a special focus on developing young talents: The company guides these individuals through the personal development process, encourages them to develop an overview of the entire company through training and helps them establish a personal network. The aim is to enable them to become committed, visionary managers, who form the foundation of successful cooperation within a future-oriented BMW Group and make an active contribution to real corporate citizenship.

BMW Group @ One Young World Summit.

The One Young World Summit brings together young leaders between 18 and 30 from around the world who are active in the social domain. For delegates, this is more than just an opportunity to discuss innovative solutions to global challenges and work on ways to solve the world’s problems. The BMW Group has sent its own delegation of committed young leaders since 2016.

One Young World (OYW) Summit Belfast 2023

The One Young World (OYW) Summit is an inspiring annual get-together of young talent determined to change the world for the better. A historic example of positive change was the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. Now, on the 25th anniversary of the agreement that put an end to the decades-long conflict in Northern Ireland and modelled conflict resolution globally, including as far away as Colombia, the One Young World Summit 2023 was hosted in Belfast and included a celebration of this historic event. 

One Young Manchester

A gathering that radiates positive energy: Every year, the One Young World (OYW) Summit serves as an inspiring congress for young talents who want to change the world in a positive way. As this year’s host, Manchester was at the centre of the innovative spirit emanating from the 2,000 young leaders from around the world taking part in the event. The BMW Group itself was represented by 52 delegates.

The focus topics for the four-day summit were issues that concern the whole world and demand solutions: conflict prevention, global gender equality, clean oceans, responsible leadership and health. 2,000 young professionals from 190 countries debated these issues among themselves, networked with each other, shared new perspectives and considered bold new solutions.

The mood among this year’s BMW Group delegation was particularly enthusiastic. Ilka Horstmeier, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Human Resources, Real Estate and Labour Relations, who accompanied the trip and delivered a keynote address to the congress, was impressed by the contagious enthusiasm and commitment of all the delegates: This is exactly the spirit the young talents need to take back to their companies, she said – to spark new ideas and drive sustainable transformation of those companies.

One Young World München

The One Young World (OYW) Summit 2021 was held in Munich. 

The congress took place under the motto of “innovation” and covered topics such as the climate crisis, freedom, civil rights and education. More than 60 young BMW Group talents, delegated by locations around the world, came together on the weekend. 

BMW Group employees have been among the OYW ambassadors since the first delegation in 2016. As a co-host, the BMW Group particularly welcomed the decision by the city of Munich to host the OYW Summit 2021. As the region’s innovation flagship, the BMW Group partners closely with the city of Munich. The two have always worked together to promote the city's innovative spirit.

One Young World London

For its tenth anniversary, the ONE YOUNG WORLD Summit was going back to its roots in London. More than 1,500 young leaders from around the world gathered at the event in Westminster between 22-25 October 2019.

One Young World The Hague

The One Young World Summit 2018, the ninth of its kind, was held in The Hague. Young managers from international companies met with aspiring leaders from emerging and developing countries to discuss economic, social and political issues from new perspectives.

The BMW Group was represented at the four-day congress from 17-20 October 2018 by 36 delegates from ten different countries. Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG Peter Schwarzenbauer once again served as a "counsellor" this year.

One Young World Bogota

The BMW Group delegation and Board of Management Member Peter Schwarzenbauer, who served as a counsellor, attended the One Young World Summit in the Colombian capital, Bogotá, from 4-6 October 2017. Once again this year, young leaders and major figures from around the world came together to discuss topics from international politics and education to economic developments and social entrepreneurship. This year’s speakers included Nobel Peace Prize winners and human rights activists Professor Muhammad Yunus and Tawakkol Karman, as well as former Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan.

One Young World Ottawa

In 2016, the Canadian capital, Ottawa, hosted the One Young World Summit. For the first time, 21 dedicated young BMW Group employees from different divisions participated in the event. Delegations from 196 nations came together in Ottawa to debate global issues, such as environmental protection, sustainability, peace and security, and human rights. Former Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan, actress Emma Watson, Bob Geldof and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were among the “counsellors”, who contributed to the Ottawa Summit through their input and talking points.

OYW Opening Ceremony


The One Young World future forum provides young people with a platform for imagining and actively creating a new future today. More information on the OYW summit and conference topics, as well as the organisation’s other activities, can be found here:


DLD Veranstaltung

The concept.

DLD is Europe’s leading innovation conference, focusing on the ways in which the internet, with its new digital business models and technical possibilities, is transforming markets, media, culture and society. The BMW Group has been the mobility partner and sponsor of DLD Munich since 2015. DLD brings people from the worlds of politics, business, culture and the media together: In recent years, speakers have included Mark Zuckerberg, Naomi Campbell, Paulo Coelho, Ursula von der Leyen and Jim Snabe. 

The events.

The 2021 conference year kicked off in February with the “DLD All Stars”. Over a period of three days, inspiring speakers from 15 years of DLD history came together to discuss “What the world needs now”. The “DLD Summer” conference in July is the second major platform in the DLD year. 50 international speakers shared their thoughts under the motto “It's Only the Beginning...” and discussed underlying technological, social and economic trends. The MINI brand presented a physical model of its MINI Vision Urbanaut as a world exclusive at the same event. 

DLD Meets BMW Group.

During the summer, the BMW Group and DLD hosted the “DLD BMW Salon” at Plant Munich. Production head Milan Nedeljković discussed the circular economy with DLD managing director Stephanie Czerny and 25 guests. The event was held at the Munich plant's “IQ.159” innovation forum, where the first fully-electric BMW, the BMW i3, was also developed.

The highlight of the DLD year 2021 will be the “DLD Circular” conference on 7 September, when, as the event’s official partner, the BMW Group will unveil its vision of a functioning circular economy. Learn more here.

DLD Veranstaltung


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