Supplier Innovation Award.

The sustainability strategy of the BMW Group (online) – sustainable, resource-efficient supply chain
The BMW Group will significantly increase supply chain transparency and resource efficiency by 2020.

How exactly is the BMW Group pursuing this target?

November 2018. The international supplier network of the BMW Group is not just key to safeguarding social standards and increasing resource efficiency along the entire value chain. Good cooperation with our suppliers forms the basis for ensuring security of supply at all production sites worldwide and pressing ahead with innovations in the future areas of mobility at the same time.

In 2018, the BMW Group honoured selected suppliers with the BMW Supplier Innovation Award for the fifth time, a prize for outstanding innovations and development work. 15 suppliers were distinguished at the Landshut/DE plant for their work and outstanding cooperation with the BMW Group. In addition, we selected prizewinners in the five categories of Productivity, Sustainability, Efficient Dynamics, Digitalisation and Emotional Experience.

In 2018, BASF SE emerged as the winner in the Sustainability category. BASF showed the strongest performance in the fight against climate change, as evidenced by the report of the company on CO2 emissions within the Supply Chain Programme of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). The company is also working towards having its suppliers reduce their emissions and sees the global two-degree target as a priority.

The 12 V lithium-ion battery of LG Chem received the award in the Efficient Dynamics category. Thanks to this innovative battery, the current system with two heavy lead-acid starter batteries is replaced by a lead-acid battery and a light lithium battery. This cuts down on weight and CO2. Furthermore, the lithium ion battery is more efficient than a lead-acid battery and the regenerative capacity was improved, thus making the system more environmentally friendly.

On the basis of the Innovation Awards, we intend to promote new developments, which increase resource efficiency, and honour good cooperation. In this way, we encourage our suppliers to promote sustainability alongside the BMW Group, which is consistent with our aim of significantly increasing supply chain transparency and resource efficiency by 2020.