One Young World Summit.

Long-term employee development
: The BMW Group ensures long-term employee development by seeking out the right employees, making the most of their talents, developing potential and ensuring employability.

How exactly is this goal pursued?

October 2018. The BMW Group offers talented young people the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and contribute ideas, both within the company and in their commitment to the society. The One Young World Summit offers an important platform for this. The congress of the One Young World (OYW) organisation brings together leaders and talented people from global companies to promote networking and the discussion of the most pressing questions relating to the future.

A delegation of the BMW Group has taken part in the summit since 2016. The BMW Group sent 36 young representatives to the One Young World Summit 2018 in Den Haag, who were able to benefit from four days of talks, panel discussions, networking events and workshops.

The vision of the organisers to bring together the younger generation of future managers in order to promote social change goes hand in hand with the goals of the BMW Group. We have always relied on the ideas and pioneering spirit of the younger generation and see the future congress as a chance to motivate young managers to personally contribute to their social and professional environment.

The delegation of young BMW representatives at the One Young World Summit 2018 had the motto “Purpose”. This reflects our understanding of a leadership culture that assumes responsibility and is based on networked collaboration. We are confident that our talented young people and future managers can build on these abilities by attending the Young World Summit so that they can play an active part in shaping the future of the BMW Group and our society.