Stakeholder Dialogue.

Mobility patterns
Goal: The BMW Group will have permanently changed mobility patterns in selected metropolitan areas by 2020 through the introduction of integrated mobility services.

How exactly is the BMW Group pursuing this goal?

The cities of today need intelligent concepts to meet the requirements of the citizens of tomorrow. The challenges are manifold but none of the stakeholders has an answer for everything, which is why our worldwide event series BMW Group Dialogues was held in 2018 with the motto “Cities in Progress”. In Los Angeles/US, Melbourne/AU, Shenzhen/CN, Rotterdam/NL and Berlin/DE, we met with representatives of cities, companies, institutions, universities and citizens to discuss the sustainable design of urban mobility with them.

In every city, we conducted a representative survey with 500 participants, a stakeholder dialogue and a student dialogue. In doing so, we wanted to discover the biggest urban mobility challenges in the region, and what the BMW Group can do in the respective city to be a driver of urban mobility.

The results show that traffic congestion, insufficient parking facilities and air pollution are the main obstacles in cities. Notably, the participants see it as the duty of the municipalities and political decision-makers to tackle the increasingly problematic development of transport with useful concepts. The participants would like to see the BMW Group expand its offering of mobility services such as DriveNow. On top of that, they expect us to play a leading role in electromobility.

We have entered into partnerships with selected cities with a view to developing new insights and strategies for sustainable mobility models beyond the dialogue events. These include a Memorandum of Understanding with the city of Rotterdam regarding the promotion of urban development and a partnership with the Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator.

The challenges for the construction of sustainable cities are sizeable but not insurmountable. The more people are living together in cities, the more important the discussion about their different experiences and needs becomes. With the BMW Group Dialogues, we contribute to better understanding the challenges for the city of the future and to implementing sustainable solutions.