Cooperation Karsan.

: The BMW Group is a leader with its holistic approach to premium electromobility.

How is this goal realised in concrete terms?

BMW i is consistently moving into additional fields of application for locally emissions-free drive technology, now also promoting sustainability in public local transport. For the first time, the electric motors and high-voltage batteries developed for the BMW i3 will be used to power a city bus made by the well-known Turkish manufacturer Karsan which is designed specifically for use in inner-city traffic. The BMW Group and Karsan have signed an agreement involving the supply of motors and batteries for the purely electrically powered model “Jest electric”, which is produced in Bursa in Turkey for both the domestic market and for international markets.

The electric motors and high-voltage batteries developed independently by the BMW Group are characterised by excellent performance qualities and a high degree of reliability. They are produced at the BMW plant in Dingolfing. The BMW Group competence centre for electromobility has continuously expanded its product capacity and manufacturing expertise over recent years. 

This collaboration once again reflects the aim of BMW i to provide stimuli in promoting urban mobility geared towards sustainability. The BMW i electric motors and high-voltage batteries used in the Karsan Jest electric enable public transportation network operators to provide their passengers with comfortable and locally emissions-free travel on inner-city roads.

The use of sustainable BMW Group technology in local public transport contributes to a holistic approach to premium electromobility.