Goal: The BMW Group leads the way with its holistic approach to premium electromobility.

How is this goal realised in concrete terms?

With the formation of the joint venture IONITY, the BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and the Volkswagen Group, including Audi and Porsche, are paving the way for construction of a high-power fast-charging network for electric vehicles in Europe. Construction and operation of a total of around 400 fast-charging stations by 2020 are important steps towards enabling electromobility over long distances and establishing it in the marketplace.

The stations will be located along highways and main traffic routes in countries including Germany, Norway and Austria. They will be accessible to the public and situated about 120 km apart. To achieve this, IONITY is relying on cooperation with strong partners, such as Tank & Rast, Circle K and OMV, and taking advantage of their attractive locations.

Each IONITY fast-charging station provides several charging points. As a result, customers of all brands and performance classes will have access to thousands of HPC charging points by 2020. With a charging capacity of up to 350 kW per charging point, suitable vehicles will have a much shorter charging time than with the systems currently available.

Realisation of the IONITY network will focus on careful choice of locations to meet customer needs. The joint venture will also consider intelligent integration with existing charging solutions. IONITY is therefore in intensive discussions with existing infrastructure initiatives – in some cases, with the support of the founding companies and politicians. Through their investment in creating the IONITY network, the participating automobile manufacturers are consolidating their commitment to electromobility. The alliance will also build on cooperative projects and strong partnerships between different industries and countries.

The open system and Europe-wide distribution will help boost acceptance of electric vehicles significantly. The project will provide the infrastructure needed for electromobility to achieve further market penetration. This measure therefore sets the course for a holistic approach to electromobility.