BMW Group fitness centre.

Health and performance
Goal: The BMW Group encourages personal responsibility in a working environment that is designed to maintain the long-term health and performance of its employees.

How is this goal realised in concrete terms?

January 2019. The BMW Group operates its own fitness centres at its German production locations, with modern training equipment and separate areas for strength and conditioning. The fitness centres also offer an extensive course programme, featuring more than 40 different classes in the following categories:

1. Health (e.g. back and rehabilitation exercises)
2. Mind and body (e.g. yoga and autogenic training)
3. Movement and conditioning (e.g. spinning, running, kickboxing)
4. Toning and strength (e.g. “BodyShape”, “BodyStyling”, “BodyPower”)

Employees are welcome to train at any BMW Group fitness centre when traveling for business or if they relocate within Germany. All the fitness centres have a standard layout, in line with the corporate design of the BMW Health Initiative, so they are clearly recognisable as part of the BMW Group’s broader health promotion activities. While BMW Group fitness centres are open to all company employees, members of the BMW BKK health insurance scheme also benefit from lower rates.

Other international BMW plant facilities have borrowed the concept and adjusted it to their local situation. Our plants in Brazil, China, Thailand and the US, for example, already provide their own BMW Group fitness centres.

We firmly believe that a balanced lifestyle, with a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and a good work-life balance is central to long-term health and performance. That is why we encourage our employees to take responsibility for themselves and want them to enjoy exercising. In this way, the BMW Group fitness centres help us achieve our goal of sustainability in the field of health and performance.