Diversity Week.

Goal: The BMW Group strengthens its innovative and competitive capabilities through diversity.

How is this goal realised in concrete terms?

June 2018. A diverse workforce is an essential factor in our success. We value our employees’ uniqueness and regard their different profiles and backgrounds as an important condition for productivity and innovation. It has been shown that teams whose members are as diverse as possible in terms of gender and age, cultural background and other aspects, are especially creative and work particularly well together. It is for this reason the BMW Group adopts a holistic approach to promoting individual diversity.

With programmes for ageing-appropriate working and integration of employees with disabilities, we are creating ideal conditions for diversity in our workforce. The advancement of women is also a priority for us. As a signatory to the Diversity Charter, the BMW Group regularly participates in Germany’s Diversity Day. To mark this event, we organise an action week at all the company’s German locations to raise awareness of the topic among employees and publicise our commitment to a diverse corporate culture.  

For example, in June 2018, experts from a wide variety of different disciplines spent five days at our Landshut location talking to employees about various aspects of diversity: from nationality, gender and ageing-appropriate working conditions to integration of people with disabilities by modifying workplaces to meet their needs. Furthermore, on 7 June 2018, around 150 employees formed a “flash-mob” outside the plant gates to signal their commitment to diversity, openness and tolerance.

“Innovation thrives on diversity,” according to site director Dr. Peter Fallböhmer. “It broadens people’s horizons and brings them together.” The BMW Group considers diversity essential to a cooperative working climate that encourages development of innovative solutions: Diversity is not just a question of lifestyle for us, but a major success factor in ensuring our competitiveness. If we want to set the bar with state-of-the-art technologies, we also have to lead the way with our corporate culture.

Actions like Diversity Week are an expression of this belief – and the support programmes referred to create a suitable framework for it within the company. In this way, we aim to be an attractive employer for people from all different backgrounds.