Totally electrified.

While the advantages of electric mobility are still being debated in many a place, Munich is already totally electrified. In 2017, the BMW Group brought more than 100,000 electric vehicles onto the roads – securing a pioneering position in the field that the Group now plans to build on intensively.

For the Munich-based car manufacturer, there is no doubt: “The future is electric”. This message was at the heart of the spectacular light installation designed by Hamburg-based creative agency Jung von Matt, which briefly transformed the world-famous “four-cylinder” into a battery.

This future has long since begun for BMW. Since the market launch of the BMW i3 in 2013, the automaker has already delivered over 200,000 electric vehicles. In 2017 alone, the BMW Group sold more than 100,000 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles – and has established itself as the undisputed market leader in a broader competitive environment with a share of 21 percent in Europe. (POLK/ IHS Report dated 07.12.2017).

“We don’t just make claims, we also deliver,” says Harald Krüger, Chief Executive of BMW AG. “100,000 electric vehicles sold in one year is a significant milestone and yet this is only the beginning for us. In 2025, we plan to offer 25 electric models. Electric mobility is the gauge of our success.”

The next stage of this expansion is now underway. The market launch of the BMW i8 Roadster has already been planned for 2018. This will be followed by the battery-powered electric MINI in 2019 and the electric version of the BMW X3 in 2020. As of 2021, it will be possible for all model series with any drive types to be equipped with the 5th generation electric drive and battery technology, thanks to scalable electric modules. The name rights for BMWi1 to BMWi9 have already been secured as well as the rights for BMW iX1 to BMW iX9.  

The target that has been set in Munich for the near future – that is, for 2018 – is the sale of 140,000 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. The plan is to bring a total of 500,000 electric vehicles onto the roads by 2019. If this should succeed, electric mobility could soon become a matter of course. At the BMW headquarters in Munich, nobody doubts that anyway.

Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, hands over the keys to the new owner of the 100,000th electrified BMW Group vehicle sold in 2017 (Wilhelm Schulten, Germany). 18 December 2017, BMW Welt, Munich. (12/2017)