Strong alliance.

In future, the BMW Group and Daimler AG are set to join forces for city car sharing, with plans to include their other mobility services, such as transport and chauffeur services, digital parking, access to public charging stations for electric vehicles and much more.

Things get interesting when competitors become allies.

This is exactly what the BMW Group and Daimler AG are now planning by offering their city customers shared urban mobility services. The agreement on combining the mobility services business units has already been signed. Subject to review and approval by the relevant competition authorities, the two companies intend to merge their existing products for on-demand mobility in the areas of Car Sharing, Ride Hailing, Parking, Charging and Multimodality and to strategically expand these in the future. Each company will own fifty percent of the planned joint venture model.

As pioneers in car manufacturing, they did not intend to cede the field to others when it comes to mobility of the future, the companies headquartered in Munich and Stuttgart asserted. Their objective, they said, was to become one of the leading providers of innovative mobility services. To this end, they will support partners like cities and local authorities on their way towards sustainable urban mobility and contribute towards improving quality of life.

“With this alliance, we are taking a completely new path and making it easier for our customers to access digital and emission-free mobility”, said Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management at BMW AG. When it comes to making the best premium cars, however, the companies would remain rivals, he added.

The parity joint venture model is to unite the following services:

Car Sharing
Car2Go (Daimler AG) and DriveNow (BMW Group) together have 20,000 vehicles in 31 metropolitan areas internationally. More than four million customers already use Car Sharing services, which have been shown to decrease the number of vehicles in cities.

Multimodal and on-demand mobility
With moovel (Daimler AG) and ReachNow (BMW Group), various mobility offerings as ways of approaching individual urban transport needs can be networked together, including booking and payment.

Ride Hailing
Today, a total of 13 million customers and around 140,000 drivers use ride hailing services like mytaxi, Clever Taxi, Beat, and Chauffeur Privé, a private car service. This also includes mytaximatch, which allows strangers to share a cab, another important way of reducing urban traffic volumes.

Parkmobile Group/Parkmobile LLC (BMW Group) and ParkNow (BMW Group) offer ticketless and cashless parking on the street, as well as searching for, reserving and paying for spaces in car parks. The service helps to reduce traffic due to searching for a parking spot, which today makes up around 30 percent of urban traffic. 

Digital Charging Solutions (BMW Group) and ChargeNow (BMW Group) offer more than 143,000 charging points worldwide, making it the largest network of public charging stations. In combination with privileged parking spaces in cities, they support the expansion of electromobility.