Peter Schwarzenbauer and Munich's Environmental Officer Stephanie Jacobs are standing at an e-charging station

Munich mobility campaign.

Car sharing provider SHARE NOW launches e-mobility campaign in collaboration with the City of Munich. By the end of the year, 200 new BMW i3s will be on the road, adding to the mobility options on offer in the city.

From the end of September until into October, people in the Bavarian state capital of Munich will be celebrating the traditional Oktoberfest. And they won’t be the only ones: The organisers are expecting at least six million visitors. Many of them will come from all over Europe and further afield, from countries including the USA, Australia and Brazil. They will all want to celebrate, have fun and see more of Munich and its surroundings than “just” Oktoberfest – the festival grounds cover an area equal to 60 football fields.

Besides public transport, the locals and tourists are also making increasing use of electric vehicles and car sharing services for their trips. According to a recent survey, four out of five SHARE NOW users opt for an electric vehicle when they are given the option. Last year alone around 1.5 million kilometres were travelled in Munich in electric cars of the car sharing provider.

The BMW Group, which launched SHARE NOW in a joint venture with Daimler AG, wants to promote the strong interest in sustainability among Munich residents and visitors with plans to substantially increase its electric car sharing fleet in its home town. By the end of the year 200 BMW i3s will be available on the streets of Munich for SHARE NOW customers. The initiative is part of a collaboration between the Department of Health and Environment and SHARE NOW, with the aim of making Munich a pioneering city in the sustainable mobility revolution. Further projects are expected to follow.

“The BMW Group considers itself to be part of the solution to the challenges that cities face. Collaborations such as the one with the Department of Health and Environment of the state capital of Munich are strategically important to us,” says Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, referring to the transformation of electromobility on the official launch date of the SHARE NOW e-mobility initiative in Munich. He went on to say that the 85 BMW i3 cars already available are to be replaced with vehicles of the latest generation, offering a range of more than 260 kilometres. Olivier Reppert, CEO of SHARE NOW, had the following to add: “Our goal is to have one quarter of our car sharing fleet electric by the end of the year!” According to Reppert, the collaboration with the City of Munich demonstrates what can be achieved when companies and municipalities pull together and formulate ambitious goals.

Munich itself plans to support the BMW Group’s e-mobility campaign by building additional charging stations. By 2020, several thousand charging points are to be made available so that electric vehicles can be charged in an environmentally friendly way. This will allow them to do more than just sustainably bring more visitors to Theresienwiese for the next Oktoberfest. They are also another important mobility service for purchasing sustainably, going on a trip or seeing all the other attractions that Munich has to offer.