Future Forum

More space for visions.

A new information and meeting centre has been opened in BMW Welt in Munich. In the new FUTURE FORUM, visitors learn more about the city of the future and even actively help to shape it. In addition, special interactive features make it possible to gain an insight into our future mobility. 

BMW Welt in Munich is one of the most popular visitor attractions in Bavaria. Here, every year, more than three million visitors from Germany and abroad experience the BMW brands and products and learn about the latest developments. The FUTURE FORUM in BMW Welt opened in October and shows how the cities of the future may change and what sustainable mobility could look like then. And it encourages discussion and active participation. “The FUTURE FORUM wants to inspire and make us think about how the city of the future can become an even more homogeneous space, where people can live and work comfortably, healthily, safely and enjoy great mobility. We are thus providing interested visitors with an insight into some of the fascinating ideas, concepts and technologies that will shape our future urban lives”, explains Zana Koval, Head of Sales and Marketing at BMW Welt.

According to its motto of “More space for visions”, BMW Welt uses cutting-edge technology as well as permanent exhibitions, talks and face-to-face dialogue with and between experts from other sectors and disciplines. The new insights, hard information and open dialogue help visitors gain a fresh perspective. And those different viewpoints and perspectives provide the perfect environment for exciting debates that will shape our concept of the future. What's more: using live-poll technology, visitors can give real-time feedback and vote on concrete ideas, for example on shared mobility or new concepts for increasing the uptake of public transport.

And with augmented reality systems, which merge reality with additional elements on screen, they can experience future technologies including autonomous driving and electric mobility in a lifelike environment. Here, they can learn, for example, which benefits we can expect from these developments in terms of their sustainability. Or how the BMW Group is working on the mobility of the future. “Future-hungry” visitors can simply download an app to their own smartphone or tablet or use one of the iPads provided by BMW Welt.

Or they can attend the “Genius Sessions” that are held twice a day and last half an hour. Here, interested guests will gain a vivid insight into the inner workings of electric vehicles and which emission-free drive systems and models we will be able to use in the coming years and decades.

However, this innovative event and meeting venue is also used by other initiatives and for different formats. Tedx Munich, for example, held a fringe event on sustainable design here. And makesense, a global community of citizens, entrepreneurs and organisations committed to societal change, presented their “Sustainable Cities Challenge“ at the FUTURE FORUM.