DriveNow mobilizes urban art.

DriveNow, the joint venture of the BMW Group and SIXT SE, is bringing art to the streets of Berlin. Within the framework of a cooperative venture with URBAN NATION, an international institution for artists and neighborhood projects, nine DriveNow vehicles have been embellished with urban art motives. These were taken from already-existing artworks from a number of building facades in Berlin. Under the slogan "We share the city", which characterizes the non-commercial project, urban art - or street art - will be mobile during a period of several weeks.

To this effect, nine cars with three motives will be out and about in Berlin. These vehicles will be in service in the normal fleet operation and be identifiable for customers in the DriveNow App as "Urban Nation Art Car". The motives have been created by the street art artists Don John, Collin van der Sluijs & Super-A and DotDotDot. The intention is to link up the philosophy of car sharing with the idea behind URBAN NATION: "DriveNow provides the possibility of the common and sustainable use of resources in the mobility area. With URBAN NATION, artists allow the public to share in their art," explains Nico Gabriel, Managing Director of DriveNow.

Exhibition and an Art-Mile.

The cooperative project is part of the context of the opening of the Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin, which took place on September 16. It is the first museum for urban art in Berlin and its concept is internationally unique. In addition to the exhibition itself, visitors were treated to open-air installations on the opening weekend within the framework of an art-mile.

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9/18/17 By Claudia Schulte zur Hausen