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Corona aid for South Africa.

The BMW Group has operated a production site in Rosslyn for almost 50 years now – and is involved in various local educational and health projects there. Not just for the Group’s employees, but also for other people in the region. During the ongoing corona crisis, the company is also providing support where it is needed most.

 South Africa is currently the region on the African continent that is worst affected by COVID-19. Like in many other African countries, there is a lack of emergency beds, ventilators and testing labs in South Africa.

Therefore, the BMW Group South Africa and the German Federal Ministry for Development have now started an emergency Corona relief project in close collaboration with the South African government and health authority.

As part of the project the medical infrastructure of eight hospitals and four clinics will be upgraded. The emergency aid is aimed in particular at supporting the northern province of Gauteng, which has been hit worst by the outbreak. With the urban centres of Johannesburg and Pretoria, this region is the economic heartland of the country and the BMW Group South Africa has been operating its Rosslyn production plant there for almost 50 years.

 750 additional hospital beds and a BMW X3 fleet.

The BMW Group South Africa has contributed 2.7 million euros to the Federal Ministry of Development's emergency aid package to “help where help is needed most”, explained BMW Group CEO Oliver Zipse. During a virtual ceremony that he held together with Development Minister Dr Gerd Müller and the South African Health Minister Zwelini Lawrence Mkhize to launch the project, Zipse pointed out: “In a global crisis like the corona pandemic, solidarity must come first.”

Together, the collaboration partners want to ensure a secure supply with masks and disinfectants as well as provide 750 additional hospital beds. In addition to financial aid, the BMW Group South Africa is also supplying a vehicle fleet to the Red Cross in South Africa to transport food parcels to remote areas, for example. These vehicles are BMW X3 produced in Rosslyn.

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