People present catwalk fashion made of production waste on a stage

Catwalk fashion made of production waste.

Actor Jutta Speidel knows how to stage a great performance. And she enjoys doing it. At the Bauhaus Festival of her non-profit initiative HORIZONT, she pulled off a perfect presentation of the production waste that the BMW Group had made available to her.

When Rabia enters the stage, she hears her rock rustling and crackling softly. She finds that funny, but laughter is not part of the plan in the choreography of the small fashion show. Nevertheless, anyone can see how much the 10-year-old is enjoying her performance and how proud she is of her own creation - consisting of a hubcap, many cables and packaging foil. Material made available by the neighbouring BMW Group production plant in Munich. For two days Rabia worked on it, together with the other children who, like her, live with their mothers in the HORIZONT house.

It is an open, modern house in the north of Munich that offers the women and their children not only an affordable home, but also a wide range of social and cultural activities. More than 20 years ago, actor Jutta Speidel founded the non-profit initiative HORIZONT, which today is supported by the BMW Group, among others. The initiative, which since its foundation has supported more than 2,200 homeless children and mothers on their journeys towards a self-determined life, is a matter close to the heart of the 65-year-old actor. Currently, 74 women and their children are accommodated in two HORIZONT houses.

The small workshop of the new house, the restaurant and the stage for cultural events are also designed for use by local residents and their children. "We see ourselves as a place of connection," says Speidel. And the Bauhaus Festival on the occasion of the Bauhaus centenary was also conceived for the same purpose, with interested parties, sponsors and neighbours invited. "It was not only the men of the Bauhaus movement who were open, experimental and creative; many great and creative, thought-provoking impulses came mainly from the women and are still having an impact today," adds Speidel, who also welcomed some of her colleagues, such as Carolin Fink and Irina Wanke, to her new house at Domagkpark for the festival.

This weekend Rabia also got to experience some of the free spirit of the Bauhaus pioneers and their penchant for fantastic themed parties. She and the other children left the small stage of the Horizont-Haus in their costumes made of cables and packaging foil to dance with Jutta Speidel, the spectators and artists across the Bauhaus square in front of the house and finally on through the garden.