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Sustainability News

Sustainability News.

The BMW Group aspires to be the most successful and sustainable premium producer for individual mobility. It is our clear intention to establish an increasing number of solutions for greater sustainability. To achieve this, we have set ourselves ambitious goals that have a decisive impact on our day-to-day activities – in terms of the sustainable development of urban areas, with regard to our products, the sphere of responsibility for people and in the field of production and added value. All of this is a living and varied process which we would like you to participate in – using an example from each of these four areas:

1.     Sustainable cities and communities

2.     Product

3.     People

4.     Production and value added chain.

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Sustainable cities and communities
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Many of our sustainability goals can only be achieved by working with partners from the political, social, scientific and industrial fields. That’s why a continuous dialogue with our stakeholders is a top priority for us.