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Sustainability at the BMW Group

Sustainability at the BMW Group.

Sustainability management.

Electrification and innovations
For us as carmakers, climate protection is particularly relevant. We have been continuously increasing the efficiency of our combustion engines for many years. Our goal is emission-free mobility. With its sustainable 360-degree approach, our BMW i3 was a pioneer in electric mobility.  

Today, we are the European market leaders in electric vehicles. In 2018, we delivered more than 140,000 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids worldwide. We are electrifying all brands and model series.

Our four strategic innovation fields are consistently geared towards the future of mobility: automated driving, connectivity, electrification and services. In this way we are not just reducing emissions and increasing sustainability in individual mobility – we are also extending our customers’ digital world into their cars. All these are integral parts of our Strategy NUMBER ONE > NEXT.


Efficient supply chain
We also make sure that we keep our environmental footprint as small as possible in our manufacturing processes. In Europe, we are already using electricity generated exclusively from renewable sources. By 2020 we want all our plants worldwide to run on green electricity.

In addition, we are continuously optimising our value chain. By signing the BMW Group Code on Human Rights and Working Conditions, we have made a clear statement. It focuses on equality, diversity, safety in the workplace and the protection of personal data. We also have our suppliers and sales partners commit to this code.


Urban mobility
In 2018, we intensified our dialogue with stakeholders in the world’s urban centres.

In Los Angeles, Melbourne, Shenzhen, Rotterdam and Berlin, we analysed the effects increasing traffic has on those cities and which solutions can be provided by the BMW Group.

In this way we are improving the quality of urban life. It is crucial that the worlds of politics, business and society develop solutions together.


Our contribution
We are already implementing this collaborative approach by entering into partnerships in many areas. This ranges from our membership in the UN Global Compact and partnerships along the supply chain to product development alliances with new tech players.

The 2018 Sustainable Value Report shows once again that we make an invaluable contribution to our customers’ mobility and act for the common good and that we will continue to do so going forward. With innovations, courage and tenacity. For me, our Sustainable Value Report is not just a look back on what we have achieved already. It also provides a vision for our future – with clear objectives and measures that we are setting for ourselves and implementing.

Because one of the guiding principles at the BMW Group is always:

We take on responsibility!


Harald Krüger
Chairman of the Board of Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

Sustainability – An investment in the future.

We believe that sustainability is capable of making a positive contribution to the company’s long-term business success. Taking social and environmental responsibility for everything we do is an integral part of how we perceive ourselves as a company. We are convinced that the lasting economic success of any enterprise these days is based increasingly on acting responsibly and ensuring social acceptance. Efficient and resource-friendly production processes and state-of-the-art solutions for sustainable individual mobility offer a clear competitive advantage.

Most successful and sustainable premium provider for individual mobility.

Pursuing long-term sustainability goals.

Our strategic sustainability targets up to 2020 cover areas from products and services, production and value creation to employees and society.


Sustainable Value Report.

All facts and figures can be found in our current Report.

Sustainability management: key performance indicators.