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Stakeholder Engagement

BMW Group stakeholder engagement.

The BMW Group is a global company which operates within a complex environment. Our business activities impact not only our corporate environment but also the interests of countless, and diverse, stakeholders. On the other hand, wider societal developments have an effect, both directly and indirectly, on our business activities. With this in mind, the BMW Group engages in regular dialogue on a range of topics with its stakeholders in all key markets.

We aim to better understand where individual stakeholders stand and, in turn, to create a better understanding of the BMW Group’s activities. To this end, the BMW Group does not avoid critical issues and debates but rather seeks mutually beneficial solutions together with its stakeholders through engaging in constructive dialogue.

Our company’s Stakeholder Engagement Policy forms the basis for our stakeholder engagement. The Policy sets out what we aim to achieve through dialogue as well as the criteria for identifying and prioritizing stakeholders and specifies a range of appropriate formats for dialogue and other forms of communication.

The BMW Group also enters into active, open and transparent dialogue with political decision-makers, trade union representatives, associations and non-governmental organizations. The aim is to help shape the political framework for our business activities in a constructive and transparent manner. In this context, the BMW Group contributes its skills and expertise in order to promote fair competition for all concerned and find viable solutions.

Here you can find our Stakeholder Engagement Policy:

Here you can find our BMW Group Cooperation Policy for Trade, Industry & Car Manufacturer Associations:

Here you can find our BMW Group List of Memberships:



BMW Group Dialogues. Our commitment.

Regular exchange with our stakeholders is very important to us. We want to create a pleasant atmosphere for frank and constructive discussion of what are sometimes controversial views. Feedback from our stakeholders provides us with valuable input and helps us continue to evolve.

Kai Zöbelein

Press spokesperson for Sustainability and Urban Mobility at the BMW Group.

With its Group Dialogues, the BMW Group has created a format for concentrated idea-sharing with stakeholders worldwide. We engage in intensive dialogue with companies, NGOs, academics and policymakers in the core markets of the Americas, Europe and Asia on an ongoing basis. 

The aim is to create a comprehensive learning process with constant further development of ideas. This also enables us to gear our corporate objectives more towards the needs and expectations of a global society.