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Our Focus

Our Focus.

Environmental and social responsibility will be important success factors for the BMW Group going forward. We are therefore putting sustainability at the heart of our corporate strategy and have defined specific and ambitious goals by which we can be measured, in six focus areas: CO₂ reduction, electromobility, circularity, environmental and social standards, and employees and society.

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Only those who take action can have a real impact. That is why the BMW Group pursues ambitious sustainability goals. Learn what these are and how we intend to achieve them in the “Our goals” section.


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To fulfil our considerable responsibility towards the environment, we are constantly seeking and finding new ways to reduce CO₂ emissions – and to continue driving company-wide climate protection. Although the BMW Group is already the benchmark in the automotive sector, with innovative CO2 reduction at its own plants and sites, we continue to set ourselves new reduction targets. The BMW Group is targeting further reductions in CO₂ emissions from 2019 levels by 2030 – throughout the entire lifecycle, from the supply chain, through production, to the end of the use phase.


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The best cars in the world are sustainable. That is why our product strategy is geared towards massive expansion of electromobility: By 2030, there should be more than ten million electrified BMW Group vehicles on the roads. Because such an ambitious undertaking involves the entire value chain, we are also integrating topics such as production, technology, sustainability and charging infrastructure into the sustainable process from the very beginning.


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Humans extract more than 100 billion tonnes of raw materials worldwide every year. At the BMW Group, sustainability therefore begins with the use of materials. Every time we think about using resources, we ask ourselves: How much do we need and what do we intend to use it for? Are there any better solutions? Whenever possible, we use high-quality secondary material and are committed to an effective circular economy. In 2020, the BMW Group was able to recycle or recover a total of 99.1% of waste from production. Systematic recycling enables us to substantially reduce our carbon footprint in procurement and production – in some cases, by up to a sixth, depending on the material.


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We pay strict attention to the efficient use of resources at our own sites. The BMW Group is the leading premium automotive manufacturer when it comes to water consumption for production. Since we work with several thousand suppliers in many different countries worldwide, it is also vital for us that our partners comply with the same environmental and social standards that we measure ourselves against. This applies, in particular, to the extraction of the raw materials that form the basis of every industrial production process. We conduct audits to ensure respect for human rights and compliance with environmental, health and safety standards throughout the entire supply chain.


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People from more than 110 countries work side by side at the BMW Group. Our diversity makes us stronger – since our success is based on individuality and the personal commitment of each and every associate. We provide our employees with sustainable jobs and the conditions they need for personal growth and to participate in shaping the future.


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The BMW Group is part of society and contributes to social progress worldwide: We are committed to better living conditions, intercultural understanding and access to high-quality education at all our international locations.


Want to gain a deeper insight into our pursuit of responsibility? Topic-specific documents are available in our download section, where you will find all the information you need on the BMW Group – from balance sheets and reports to announcements and analyses.

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Overview of the BMW Group’s economic, environmental and social achievements.